DataQ Launches on the Shopify App Store

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Now available in the Shopify App store for quick and easy implementation

DataQ, the leading paid media intelligence tool for e-commerce retailers, announced that they are now on the Shopify App Store. Shopify merchants rely on the Shopify App Store to find plugins that extend the functionality of their online stores. Designed to help Shopify merchants access their store’s first-party data and use it to drive high-performance marketing campaigns, DataQ provides a powerful, easy-to-use add-on tool.

“We’re excited to bring our platform to the Shopify App store and partner with Shopify merchants,” said Andreas Roell, founder and head of strategy at DataQ. “We understand that the App Store is a vastly used resource — with roughly 20,000+ monthly transactions — that Shopify merchants rely on to find best-in-breed apps,” said Andreas. “Having our platform in the Shopify App store will now make it even easier for merchants to find and implement DataQ.”

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According to Google, 92% of leading marketers believe that using first-party data is critical to gain an understanding of what people want and to grow. However, marketers still have countless barriers that impede them from gaining access to first-party data and using this data effectively, which then leads to wasted marketing dollars spent on stale targeting lists.

“I witnessed marketing and campaign specialists struggle to gain access to key business insights and continuously updated customer lists,” said John Nguyen, co-founder and CTO at DataQ. “And the ones that did receive the intelligence and lists did so quarterly, which isn’t ideal when you consider how quickly transactions happen. We started thinking about ways to solve these issues, and that’s where DataQ was born,” said John. “Coming from the ad space, we know how important relevance and data is, especially when you consider today’s media ecosystem. If you’re not delivering timely, relevant ads that click with your audience, chances of succeeding are slim.”

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DataQ’s platform is powered by a merchant’s first-party, which includes customer and transaction data to drive sophisticated, personalized right-time-right-place marketing campaigns that impact e-commerce retailers’ bottom line.

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