Metacake’s Ken Ott Advises Readers on Building an E-commerce Business

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Ken Ott, co-founder of Metacake, an e-commerce growth team, gives expert online marketing advice for small business owners in two recent articles for’s “American Made” section, dedicated to practical business advice and inspiration.

Ken’s May 6th interview focused on Building a Profitable Ecommerce Business, sharing Metacake’s philosophy behind digital e-commerce basics, such as developing diverse business and marketing channels and focusing on customer lifetime value over ROAS. One bit of practical advice from Ott: “The purchase is not the finish line… the focus should be on customer lifetime value, instead of return on ad spend (ROAS), because it’s far more cost-efficient to focus on maintaining the customers you already have than paying to acquire new ones.” Your focus should be on customer relationships that can grow over time.

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Ott’s May 12th interview features practical, hands-on advice on Branding and naming your business with your story in mind.  He discusses the importance of defining your “why,” identifying your brand’s vision, and incorporating that purpose into your business name. “Your business name is almost always the first thing people will hear… it has the opportunity to represent the heart, purpose, and personality of the brand. When crafted this way, it becomes a conversation starter that can lead to the reason behind why your business exists… and that deep connection is much more likely to lead to a customer.”

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Metacake is an award-winning digital marketing and e-commerce team with a mission to help highly influential brands drive explosive and stable business growth, online. Part agency, part coaching & consulting, everything they do comes from a single mission: to help “Grow Brands that Matter.” From website optimization to expert email marketing strategies to partnering with businesses to strategically plan for the future, Metacake is passionate about building and growing strong brands with a purpose using ecommerce.

“We are always excited to partner with such influential brands to talk about e-commerce. We are passionate about Growing Brands that Matter and so helping build businesses with purpose is important to us!”

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