MiQ and BVA Announce Strategic Partnership to Aid E-Commerce Brands in their Programmatic Advertising Journeys

Collaboration will increase media campaign optimization proven to move the needle for business today

MiQ global programmatic media partner — announced a strategic partnership with leading Shopify Plus agency, BVA. The partnership will give BVA access to MiQ’s Intelligence Hub, custom analytics capabilities, and bespoke integrations into BVA’s proprietary reporting suite to help clients successfully navigate the ever-evolving programmatic advertising landscape, drive greater campaign optimization, and further scale their businesses.

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“The partnership between MiQ and BVA has been a long time coming”

As a leader in digital media and storefront optimization for DTC brands such as Rebecca Minkoff, WD-40, Stitch Golf, JLAB, and 1UP Nutrition, BVA continues to service a large pipeline of clients that are leaning more heavily on programmatic advertising and Connected TV (CTV). By tapping into MiQ’s expertise in these areas, BVA will have deeper intelligence and actionable data sets that enable its small and growing clients to test further into programmatic, provide greater context into where their ad dollars will be the most efficient, and help reach their increasingly challenging direct response goals.

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“The partnership between MiQ and BVA has been a long time coming,” said Jessica Dawson, Vice President of Performance Marketing, BVA. “The MiQ team provides thoughtful strategies with solid insights to enhance our digital media programs. They’re extremely responsive and because they truly understand our clients’ needs, we’re able to more effectively find opportunities that drive the extra dollar of ROI that other vendors cannot. Media campaigns are only as strong as the data that backs them and MiQ provides efficient access to more of the actionable and insightful data that enhances BVA’s media plans.”

In addition, MiQ’s extensive audience intelligence informs strategies across BVA’s other channels, including through MiQ’s Search to Display data set, which finds keyword opportunities in paid search and SEO and supports stronger display keyword targeting.

“Looking toward the future, we’re excited to see continued growth — and most importantly — the success of each client at BVA,” said Joe Worswick, RVP Sales, West Coast, MiQ. “When their clients win, we win, and we’re confident that by the end of 2021, BVA and MiQ will have successfully delivered for each client, bringing performance to life through every campaign. With both powerhouse companies working together, we hope to be the e-Commerce industry example that proves what a successful partnership like ours can do for overall business strategy and goals today.”

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