Octane X launches On The Mac App Store!

RNDR and Enterprise Suite is now available for free on MacBook Pro, iMac Pro and Mac Pro Models

OTOY is proud to officially launch Octane X on the Mac App Store – bringing the industry’s first and fastest spectral GPU renderer to millions of macOS users – with all Octane X DCC plug-ins, Enterprise features, and RNDR support available for free, for the first time ever, exclusively on macOS Big Sur.

OTOY Inc. is thrilled to release Octane X on the Mac App Store, bringing the industry’s first and fastest spectrally-correct GPU rendering platform OctaneRender® to creative workflows across the Apple ecosystem including visual effects, motion graphics, gaming, design, concept art and architectural visualization.

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The latest release of Octane X is the capstone of years of development to rebuild the industry’s leading unbiased GPU path tracer from the ground up, optimized for maximum performance with the Apple Metal API. Octane X features full pixel parity with OctaneRender 2020 and later, making state of the art cinematic rendering available natively for the first time in macOS.

The new Octane X app, available for free in the Mac App Store, brings all Octane X Enterprise standalone features to every Mac running macOS Big Sur, alongside two new exclusive offers of Octane X Prime and Enterprise subscriptions, each free for one year, with access to the full suite of Octane X plug-in integrations across the industry’s leading 3D content creation tools including Cinema4D, SketchUp, Maya, Houdini, Blender, Modo, Nuke, Unreal Engine and Unity.

Users of MacBook Pro, iMac Pro and Mac Pro will have access to a full year of Octane X Enterprise, including RNDR, the industry’s first distributed blockchain GPU rendering platform.

All other Macs including models powered by the Apple M1 chip, and the latest AMD and Intel integrated graphics on macOS Big Sur 11.1 and later, will have 1 year access to Octane X Prime, including access to all Octane X DCC integrations.

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Using the new Octane X app on the Mac App Store, Mac users now have one-click access to all the tools needed to package and render their artwork on the RNDR network enabling Mac artists to simply and effortlessly publish their NFT CryptoArt on the blockchain.

According to OTOY Founder and CEO, Jules Urbach, “For the past decade, OctaneRender has been democratizing visual effects, leveraging the power of GPU rendering to enable anyone with a creative vision to realize their imagination. With Octane, we have seen our users create remarkable films, design new products, publish everyday renders that have transformed the social media landscape, and now, build careers creating blockchain digital art through the RNDR cloud service, which for the first time, will be offered for free to all artists using Octane X on pro Mac systems.”

Urbach added, “Apple has always had a special place in our hearts as the company that made personal and mobile computing widely accessible. We are thrilled to usher in the next generation of creativity with Octane X now available for free for millions of artists across the Apple ecosystem. Octane X on macOS enables artists to harness the power of GPU accelerated cinematic path-tracing across millions of Mac systems for the first time.”

Octane X for macOS Metal Features

  • Completely rewritten mesh geometry engine optimized for AMD GPUs, supporting hundreds of millions of unique primitives per mesh instance, at high performance.
  • Near perfect linear scaling of rendering speed with multiple GPU configurations, including eGPUs connected over Thunderbolt 3.
  • Octane X RNDR server / Mac Pro as a render node: Leveraging 20Gb/s dual interconnect – the Mac Pro approaches InfiniBand interconnect speeds – and Octane X on Mac Pro will support up to 400 GPUs over network rendering.

Artists in the Apple ecosystem can transform their creative workflows with Octane X’s cinematic GPU accelerated path-tracing, pushing boundaries of both hyperrealism and speed. Octane X’s real time, blazingly fast interactive path tracing viewport includes a beauty, info, lighting, cryptomatte, material AOV live viewer with real time interactive post processing, tone mapping and unbiased spectral lens effects.

Octane X further accelerates next generation creative workflows with ACES, OpenColorIO and deep pixel EXR rendering support, and features a powerful node-based material, shader and scene graph editor, as well as the industry’s most advanced AI Denoising system.

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