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OneRail Launches QuickStart Enabling Retailers to Instantly Launch and Scale Delivery Services with No Integration or Cost

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Nationwide Delivery Services Turned On for Retailers in 48 Hours or Less

OneRail, an Orlando-based final mile delivery orchestration and fulfillment platform, announced today that it has launched QuickStart, a new service available to retailers needing to immediately find more final mile delivery capacity in order to support the eCommerce demand spike caused by COVID-19.

“As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, we know that one of the best ways to avoid the virus from spreading is to stay at home. The tremendous increase in eCommerce ordering volume over the past 2 weeks have left many Consumers with few choices of where to shop online to ensure their products get delivered quickly. Today we have launched QuickStart, an Integration-Free eCommerce delivery fulfillment solution for Retailers across all channels of trade, and all 50 States,” stated OneRail founder and CEO Bill Catania.

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Retailers, both large and small, need the ability to fulfill their eCommerce orders with no integration, to ensure fast, trackable, and efficient cost delivery. In this tough economic environment, Retailers do not need more cost, they need less cost. Retailers need to leverage their stores, their website and availability of their products to maximize customer at-home demand.

QuickStart is perfect for Retailers that need more delivery capacity, and for Retailers that have not yet offered delivery services to their Customers. Jeff Flowers, OneRail COO, said, “OneRail’s clients have seen over a 700% increase in delivery fulfillment volume over the past 2 weeks. Our unique business model allows us to scale delivery services very quickly in order to meet this new demand, providing instant coverage for Retailers who need more support for existing programs, or for those Retailers and Product Manufacturers that want to launch eCommerce for the first time.”

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QuickStart is compatible with all enterprise eCommerce platforms and can be implemented in under 48 hours at no cost to Retailers. Once a delivery order is received by OneRail, it is sized and automatically dispatched to one of OneRail’s 75,000+ Couriers. Dispatch is determined by the OneRail Delivery Cloud based on distance, capacity, weight, and delivery time. Once a delivery order is matched and dispatched to a Courier, OneRail’s platform provides all delivery tracking and data for its Retail Clients, and to Consumers. OneRail’s 24/7 Logistics Management operations team based in Orlando provides the human touch needed to ensure successful delivery to every Customer.

Considering the current economic climate, OneRail has waived all implementation and delivery transaction fees. In the QuickStart Delivery Program, Retailers only pay for the cost of fulfillment to their Customer. There are no hidden fees for anybody.

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