papmall brings the Key for Businesses to Open the Door of New Capabilities With Digital Marketing Freelancers


papmall eCommerce platform has announced to hand marketing managers the key to a thriving future by introducing to them highly specialized skills freelancers.

papmall brings the key for businesses to open the door of new capabilities with digital marketing freelancers

papmall , the most promising e-commerce platform for business owners and professional freelancers, has announced to hand marketing managers the key to a thriving future by introducing their freelancers with highly specialized skills. This cooperation is expected to create a more efficient team working structure in the company – A team made of people who have the company’s vision in their hands – the in-house members, together with those who have the power to execute it – the freelancers.

Technology has changed the way people work, and is now starting to adjust how businesses look for their talents. Since we are now witnessing the process of marketing 4.0 moving from traditional to digital. It is difficult to predict what more of our life the internet will also make a change to, but it will certainly make our jobs much easier and more convenient, in the same way that it has helped managers with the way they recruit talents.

Marketing managers are now realizing that instead of employing full-time positions, hiring specialized digital marketing freelancers not only plays an indispensable role in filling critical gaps in their team, it also enables the company to have access to even bigger opportunities.

The reason why hiring managers now consider workers who do freelance digital marketing from home in a more serious way is that they can solve the headache problems of hiring. That is how to shorten recruitment time, and how to get the work done with the highest quality in no time. However, the recruitment, as well as personnel training process, takes too much time and resources do not ensure the quality or any commitment from the talents. There are 3 main reasons that lead to this, which is the old-fashioned recruitment process, the rapid development and updating of trends and digital technology, and finally the marketing talents themselves.

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Only marketers should hire marketers. Instead, the company lets non-marketers interview for marketing positions, asking their potential employees irrelevant questions, looking for the false metrics for success in candidates, etc. All those lead them to hire the wrong talent. In fact, their education, degree, or previous work environments has little to do with their job as a marketer. It is the recent projects, which can show the work they receive and their contribution to the project, along with their vision and sensitivity to new trends that are decisive factors. Not to mention, hiring new employees to actually get the job done will require some time for the newcomer to adapt, catch up, and ultimately hit the marks.

The value of a professional digital marketing freelancer lies in the skills and experience of performing specialized in a specific field, allowing them to solve problems independently and quickly. In addition, the cost of hiring a professional freelancer for social media marketing is said to be more reasonable thanks to the positive working status and the beyond-expectations quality of work. Hence, rather than losing the time and effort investment in full-time human resources that guarantee no long-term commitment, working with a freelancer enables the company to build a strong network of relationships with more global freelance talents.

While hiring full-time employees, companies often limit the scope of their development and key staff to the area in which the company operates. But by opening up opportunities for freelancers, businesses can access a larger, world-class playing field that can enable them to find people with the experience, skills, and expertise for a particular field. One of those world-class playing fields can be mentioned here is papmall®, a digital marketing marketplace that offers marketing managers with verified digital marketing freelancers from any creative field.

At papmall®, there is a wide selection of freelance marketing and creative services with premium quality at the best cost. Not only help businesses in filling their critical gaps with the most suitable creative marketers, papmall® also provides their partners with a transparent payment system underpinned by papmall® terms and policies.

“Digital marketing freelancer is the key for businesses to open the door to new capabilities, reach out for more efficient ways of coming up with creative campaigns, launch their marketing business, and promote their brand images at the best cost.” said Mr. Jimmy Lee, CEO of papmall®. “Instead of wasting time and effort in hiring and training no-commitment talents, marketing managers now have all the time and resources of creativity in the world to pursue their ideas in thriving their business.”

“In addition, by becoming a Seller at papmall®, freelancers will also be able to bring their talent and vision to businesses who are in need of improving their marketing strategies, as well as their long-term direction to the future.”

The freelance marketing and creative services that papmall® provides include Graphic & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Trending, Business, and Lifestyle with the best price to help startups and SMBs to thrive.

Building a marketing team takes a lot of time and resources. The companies no need to have in their hands the strongest team of their own in order to make their visions come true. Instead, digital marketing talents are everywhere and completely within their reach, papmall® will make it easier for you to look for the best teammates by gathering them in their playing field.

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