Pathfinder, the AI That Does Marketing for Humans, Just Launched on Shopify

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London-Based Startup AIMS to Democratize E-Commerce with the World’s First Digital Marketing Employee

Starting an e-commerce business is easy. Making it a success is hard. The days of cheap digital advertising are over and merchants need experienced marketing teams and big budgets to compete. Unfortunately, this tips the scales in favor of the enterprise and makes it difficult for the current generation of entrepreneurs to compete. That’s where Pathfinder comes in. Pathfinder helps small merchants get ahead by automating the role of the enterprise marketing team and creating personalized campaigns to boost conversion, recover lost customers, and increase spending – all automatically, in a fraction of the time and cost.

Dan Stearn, Pathfinder’s founder, says: “We believe e-commerce should be diverse. We are a champion of independent merchants and want to empower small teams to compete with big teams, on any budget. That’s why we made it our mission to democratize enterprise-level marketing into a virtual employee that operates itself. In doing that we hope to level the playing field and enable owner-operated stores with one, two, and three person teams to be as effective as enterprises with 20-person marketing departments.”

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Pathfinder is backed by 6 years of R&D and is the first product that harnesses AI to produce sophisticated campaigns for merchants on autopilot. Here’s how it’s different from any other product on the market:

  1. It works autonomously
    Merchants interact via chat and after a short conversation Pathfinder hand-builds profit-boosting campaigns in the unique style of their store. Emails are written, journeys are designed, logic is tested and detailed tracking is setup automatically. While merchants always have the final say over what goes to market, by and large Pathfinder works autonomously. It’s also fast – merchants get campaigns live in minutes, not months.
  2. It studies, learns, and grows
    Pathfinder is hungry for knowledge; it learns from campaigns, from store data, and from every interaction with the merchant and their customers. Pathfinder then tries to beat its existing campaigns with split tests, so the longer it works, the smarter it gets. It’s highly accountable and keeps merchants in the loop with revenue tracking and weekly reports on what’s working and how they can improve.
  3. It pays for itself
    Pathfinder offers a free plan that lets merchants set up their first campaign with just a handful of clicks. This plan is free forever, but if merchants see a return and want more functionality, they can then use some of the profits Pathfinder generates upfront to upgrade to a more powerful version.

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Long story short; Pathfinder redefines how small teams get marketing done, helps them compete with much larger businesses, and provides a taste of what marketing might look like in the age of AI.

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