ReadyShipper X Shipping Software Helping E-Tailers Overperform Without Breaking a Sweat

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ReadyCloud, the ecommerce suite built for shipping, returns and CRM, has released a major update to its ReadyShipper X shipping software.

ReadyShipper is an evolution in shipping software. It supports merchant growth and improves the consumer experience through faster, more efficient shipping and communications at every level of the organization.

“Today’s consumer is impatient,” says Michael Lazar, an Executive at ReadyCloud. “As consumers, we’ve become accustomed to getting our online order delivered in a few days and often at no extra cost. The e-retailer can present a great buying experience, but if expectations aren’t met, they risk missing out on potential future sales.”

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Growing e-retailers, especially those experiencing unforeseen sales spikes, have been faced with doing more with less resources. But despite these surges in demand, consumer expectations do not change. The ReadyCloud Suite was built on the principals of back-office efficiency, and how it relates to delivering a great consumer experience. ReadyShipper X gives e-retailers a means to outperform their currently available resources to meet new demands and grow.

This new release of ReadyShipper X excels in two key areas: Order filtering and multiple brand management.

Filters can be set for virtually any combination of order elements to ensure the shipment is handled correctly and cost effectively. Common examples are by state, urgency or contents. Orders can be filtered and grouped, so urgent orders, perishable or potentially hazardous products always rise to the top and are fulfilled first. A more advanced example supports the emerging CBD industry; any product with inherent restrictions can be filtered by multiple states or postal codes to ensure error-free fulfillment to unrestricted areas.

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Companies with multiple websites or brands, as well as third-party logistics (3PLs), will benefit from a new feature called “Profiles.” ReadyShipper X allows for an almost unlimited number of shipper accounts, company addresses and logos. The result is a fast, accurate and uninterrupted shipping process that will automatically switch company brands and UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping methods based on a simple identifier or filter. In the case of a warehouse that is handling dozens of unique clients, each with their own brand identity, ReadyShipper X will automatically switch Profiles so that the orders appear to be shipping from the correct retailer and are billed to the correct carrier account.

“These new features in ReadyShipper X resolve some major pain-points,” comments Lazar. “Depending on what business you’re in, it means more than just avoiding a shipping error; it can be critical to remaining in compliance with your industry.”

ReadyShipper X is the natural evolution of shipping software. It has all the power of desktop shipping with the versatility of cloud-based systems. As part of the ReadyCloud Suite it is instantly compatible with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Square and others.

“Add ReadyShipper X today and you’ll be over-performing without breaking a sweat,” Lazar concludes. “Take a test drive with our two-week free trial and see for yourself. If you have questions or would like a demonstration, contact us. We give demos every day.”

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