Sagara Technology: Providing an End-to-End Solution for US Company to Go-Digital

With a comprehensive understanding of the changes in the business landscape, Sagara Technology as a technology consulting company and digital product agency now provides an end-to-end solution to support companies in technology development. Sagara Technology engages in production and software development providing services in website development, e-commerce, Android and IOS application development, big data, and IT worker training. Sagara was established in 2014 by Adi Arriansyah. He graduated from Telkom University, Bandung, and has an imminent interest in computers and programming.

In the era of the 4.0 industrial revolution, the importance of company digitalization is highly considered in long-term period competitions. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, stated: “Every company will be a software-based company in the future.” Business is not only about providing solutions but also offering effective and efficient solutions for customers.

Nowadays, every company competes with one another in becoming the leader in digitalization. According to a recent study from International Data Corporation, company expense to realize digital transformation globally will reach IDR 28.000 Trillion (USD 2 Trillion) in 2022. Every company is assumed to allocate at least 10% of their income to execute digital strategies as a long-term investment. If a company does not conduct a business transformation, a company may be left behind in the competition.

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During college, Adi has begun conducting and collaborating with academic colleagues in digital product projects. He also had the opportunity to develop a start-up project in Singapore. Upon returning to Indonesia, Adi had gained sufficient knowledge and experiences to support technology growth in Indonesia.

Sagara has various added values compared to other technology agencies in Indonesia. First, Sagara emphasizes relationship-based approach and focuses on problem-solving. In cases of a client consults a specific problem, the professional IT teams of Sagara will conduct prior analysis to ensure that the solution is specific to the problem. Moreover, the CEO of Sagara oversees projects, starting from planning to execution, and ensures the quality throughout the process. Sagara Technology has also entered the US market.

Sagara is enriched by high achieving local talents. Adi is the alumni of Founder Institute, an entrepreneur training program from Silicon Valley. Moreover, Sagara is also strengthened by Angga Fauzan, appointed as Chief Marketing Officer, who came from Boyolali. He is recognized by his worldwide levels of achievement, such as his contribution to the United Nations House in Scotland, and many more. Angga Fauzan completed his Masters’ Degree from The University of Edinburgh.

“As a technology consulting company, we are proud to provide international quality services. We constantly offer a dynamic product utilizing the latest tech stack such as Node.js and Express. In application development, we focus on Native Apps such as Kotlin for Android, or Swift for iOS,” stated by Adi. Due to the quality of service provided, Sagara has gained various clients, starting from Indonesian Ministries, start-up and high-profiled corporates. Some of the clients are Ruangguru, Blue Bird, Qlue, the Ministry of Education, Cartenz Group, Qatar National Bank, Telkomsel, and Boston Consulting Group.

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Iman Usman, the founder of Ruangguru, one of the biggest online education platforms in Indonesia, stated his appreciation for his collaboration with Sagara. “We work together with Sagara to increase the users’ experience and add new features in website. They are truly responsive and professional, so we can execute our whole plans well,” said Iman.

The mission of Sagara is to help the acceleration of digital economic growth in Indonesia by supporting corporates, government and other institutions to reach the customer and increase cost-efficiency. In realizing the digital economy, Sagara Technology also participated in assisting several technology startup companies, non-technology companies, management consulting companies, and SMEs in Indonesia and also the US market. Sagara has developed and launched more than 100 website applications and more than 20 mobile applications since 2014. “We want to have a contribution to make Indonesia as a smart nation and help entrepreneurs in Indonesia to grow and develop optimally in this digital era,” said Adi.

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