ironSource Expects 70% of Its Mediation Traffic To Run Through In-App Bidding by End of Year

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Company Revamps Management Module and Partners with Facebook Audience Network to Enable Game publishers to maximize their ad monetization and improve operational efficiency through real-time bidding

Leading mobile marketing company ironSource today announced impressive growth and developments in its in-app bidding platform, LevelPlay. Facebook Audience Network will now be available in a closed beta on LevelPlay, opening up one of the industry’s largest bidders to the thousands of game publishers using ironSource’s mediation, allowing publishers to access more demand with ease while maximizing their ad revenue. To further enable growth, ironSource has upgraded its mediation management module, adding new automations and features that make it easier to manage waterfalls, optimize in-app bidding, and control monetization waterfall strategy, all in one place.LevelPlay1

“We continue to make strides in realizing the full benefits of in-app bidding for, and together with, our partners. These latest product developments together with the addition of Facebook Audience Network as a bidding demand source set the stage for us to see the bulk of our mediation traffic run through bidding by the end of 2020,” said Nimrod Zuta, VP Product at ironSource Developer Solutions. “It was exciting to see leading publishers already go live and scale with Facebook Audience Network and LevelPlay, and we’re looking forward to other publishers seeing the same results. To make it easier for our partners to transition to bidding, we’ve rebuilt our mediation management capabilities so that companies using our hybrid solution can more quickly and easily manage and optimize their ad monetization.”


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Many game publishers and developers still leverage waterfalls with multiple instances together with bidding to maximize their monetization potential. As such, they need automated ways to manage the waterfalls they still utilize, and optimize them to support bidding within a hybrid environment.

The new management module provides numerous tools that do just that, supporting both advanced users as well as developers just starting out. They include significantly enhanced automation capabilities, dynamic tiered waterfalls, easier setup control, more access to reporting, and increased transparency on bidding metrics.

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“App bidding creates a more fair, open and efficient ad ecosystem and we’re excited to partner with ironSource to make our demand available through bidding on LevelPlay,” said Amit Bhojwani, Head of Partnerships at Facebook Audience Network. “This is a big win for publishers on many levels. The increased competition for inventory allows publishers to receive better prices for every ad impression served, while the improved operational efficiency helps them drive  more impact for their businesses.”

ironSource will continue to support additional networks once they’re ready with their solution, to join as bidders and increase bid density.

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