Kochava SmartLinks: One Dashboard For All Deep Links

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Full Support for Universal Links, App Links and Hosting of Landing Pages

Kochava, the industry leader providing holistic measurement solutions for connected devices, announces SmartLinks, a product suite that enables Universal Links and App Links creation, templates for custom-branded landing pages hosted on the platform, and full dynamic routing capabilities.

In mobile marketing, the consumer experience is the top factor to consider. While consumers spend more time on connected devices, and technology evolves for more integrated experiences, they don’t have time for interruptions. When they click on an ad, the last thing anyone wants is a forced redirect to the app store or an error message blocking the intended page.

CEO, Kochava
Charles Manning

“Mobile users don’t want to hit ‘pause’ after biting on an ad by having to download an app or getting an error,” said Kochava CEO, Charles Manning. “Kochava brings all the links marketers use to streamline the user experience under one roof with SmartLinks for creation, tracking, and measuring.”

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The suite supports the use of Universal Links (for iOS) and App Links (for Android), where users are sent directly to the intended content regardless of whether they have the app. Those without the app have the option to download from a banner on the page.

Kochava also now hosts landing pages applicable for campaigns marketers run on their owned media channels. In SmartLinks, they can create custom-branded landing pages and craft their brand’s message using a variety of editable templates.

“The ability to craft landing pages hosted on our site allows us to track engagement from an earlier part of the user journey,” he said.

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Traditional URI deep links and URL links remain viable and are accessible in the suite. Marketers can apply these links in an email campaign or post to their own social channels and focus on conversions over how many users install the app and convert. All of these features are trackable by Kochava for use in attribution and cohort segmentation.

“We know that for marketers, campaigns are about conversions more than installs,” Manning said. “Instead of redirecting consumers without a brand’s app to the store, marketers can seamlessly send them to the desired content and then allow them to request to download.”

Lastly, SmartLinks contains Dynamic Routing links, a common way to send users to a specific destination from a brand’s email campaign or owned media channels.

“Dynamic Routing links are optimal for non-paid channels—any medium where marketers can’t target by platform,” Manning said. “Having all these deep links available in one location consolidates marketers’ tasks for ad campaign tracking and measurement.”

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