Location Sciences Recognizes InMarket’s Stellar Location Precision and Accuracy in Initial Audiences Audits

InMarket received the highest rating across an initial set of audiences over a variety of categories, and partners with Location Sciences for ongoing audience certification

InMarket, the leader in 360-degree consumer intelligence and real-time activation, announced it will be offering its partners and customers access to targeted audiences complete with third party location verification and transparency. This comes on the heels of recent data audits completed by Location Sciences in which several InMarket audiences across department store, big box, QSR, auto, pet and amusement park segments were certified with its highest designation of Optimal. The excellent results from the initial reviews also found InMarket’s audiences had zero insufficient data points.

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Each audit was performed during the first half of 2020. Visits were defined as when a device was seen within a store’s boundaries– not in the parking lot or general vicinity. Results were broken into three tiers of data “suitability” with a focus on deterministic accuracy and precision scoring.

  1. Optimal (Devices deterministically within the POI boundaries AND identified as using location data signals with a high level of accuracy confidence.)
  2. Moderate (Devices that are deterministically within the POI boundaries using data signals with moderate accuracy confidence.)
  3. Insufficient (Devices that are well outside of the POI shape file or use location data signals with a low level of accuracy confidence.)

As part of the partnership, Location Sciences will audit up to 500 audience segments sold by InMarket across leading data marketplaces and DSPs, to provide buyers complete transparency into the data quality and accuracy of the data used to build them.

“Location data used to build audiences in adtech can be extremely valuable, but it can be very difficult for buyers to differentiate the best from the worst,” said Mark Slade, CEO, Location Sciences. “The fact that InMarket has grasped the opportunity to take the lead in the marketplace when it comes to transparency is a testament to their business and data quality. We are thrilled to be working with such a forward-thinking company. To move first in committing to transparency and verification is sometimes a challenge, however it is clear that buyers are becoming more aware of the vast differences and nuances in location data. Transparency in data leads to much better performance.”

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InMarket’s performance can be attributed to its commitment to direct SDK integrations with geographic contours, including double-verified visitation from consumers leveraging InMarket’s Scansense technology. Scansense enables users to scan a product for more information while inside a physical location. The mobile-to-mortar location stack drives real-time experiences and market-leading audiences based on real-world behaviors. InMarket’s audiences deliver best-in-class results and its Moments platform is the first and only advertising solution to offer brands real-time access to consumers as they are in the purchase process. InMarket’s Moments platform deliveries industry leading results with 100% one second viewability on Moat, and 6.5x higher CTRs than industry benchmarks*.

“We founded InMarket in 2010 to meet a massive opportunity with digital marketing: specifically, there were seemingly infinite touch points, but no ability to discern the moments that mattered most, including when a customer was most receptive to an ad or actually in the purchase process,” said Todd Dipaola, CEO and Founder of InMarket. “Everything we’ve built over the past decade was designed to create exceptional consumer user experiences in the purchase process, while delivering industry leading ROI for our brand partners. We look forward to working with Location Sciences to show the market the strength of our offering and the quality of our data.”

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