Scandit Listed As A Retail Example In Gartner’s Latest Report

Gartner Report “Elevate Customer Experience with Minor Investments That Deliver Major Benefits for Retail Digital Business”, lists Scandit 

Scandit, the leading developer of next-generation mobile data capture solutions based on computer vision, augmented reality and machine learning technologies, recently announced that it has been included in Gartner’s recent report “Elevate Customer Experience With Minor Investments That Deliver Major Benefits for Retail Digital Business.”

The report states, “Smaller technology investments that can improve experience and delight customers are often deprioritized for more significant system investments. CIOs in retail can use the examples in this note to see how incremental investments can deliver big benefits to the business and its customers alike.”

Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandit, said; “We are very pleased Gartner has included, what we believe is, our support for The Container Store’s highly successful ‘Scan & Deliver’ initiative. We feel that the success of this program shows the benefits that our mobile data capture engine can bring to retailers keen to engage with their customers in innovative ways to enhance service and the customer buying experience. In our view, as the scope and application of our solutions continue to grow, we are able to support retailers and brands in new and innovative ways as they strive to gain competitive advantage and engage consumers to increase sales and customer loyalty.”

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Scandit has enabled many global retailers to reap large benefits from small upfront investments in mobile data capture solutions. For example, UK online grocery marketplace Farmdrop has increased delivery accuracy rate to 100% and virtually eliminated scanning hardware costs with a Scandit-powered mobile delivery app, while mobile retail app Ibotta lets users scan receipt barcodes to receive awards, thus increasing adoption, user base, daily active users and redemption rate.

Scandit and German drugstore chain dm-drogerie markt (dm) were recently honored with the retail technology award Europe (reta) 2018 for Best In-Store Solution. The award recognized dm’s successful streamlining of in-store pickup of online orders by customers, as well as merchandise management by store employees, using smartphones running Scandit mobile data capture software.

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