Mobile Data Exchange ‘adsquare’ Opens First Office in the US; Move in Tandem with Its DSP Expansion Plans

Mobile Data Exchange 'adsquare' Opens First Office in the US; Move in Tandem with Its DSP Expansion Plans

The leading mobile data exchange platform – adsquare has officially moved into the US, opening its first office in New York. The news was confirmed through a blog post published by adsquare’s Berlin-based Marketing Manager Alexandrina Hadzhiyska. The expansion will allow adsquare to forge US-centric DSP integration solutions in the near future.

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“The United States are the most advanced market and mobile data already plays a crucial role for advertisers and agencies. Our self-service Audience Management Platform is a solution for programmatic pros that gives them control and transparency. The world of mobile data is way more than location data and needs dedicated companies,” said Tom Laband, the CEO and Co-Founder of adsquare.

CEO Tom recently moved to the US to lead a series of North America-based operations that included adding data providers like Neustar, Grapeshot, V12 Data, oneAudience, Reveal Mobile, Cuebiq, Mobilewalla and Qualia to the existing mobile data exchange. The mobile-data exchange platform offers a unique self-service Audience Management Platform to marketers looking for simplified programmatic solutions.

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Currently, adsquare offers pre-bid integrations with The Trade Desk, AppNexus and Sizmek, enabling clients to access bidding data in real-time. In September 2016, adsquare opened its ingeniously conceived marketplace for first-party mobile data. The marketplace provides complete onboarding support, data ownership, and secured DSP integrations with fair SSP contracts.

To create awareness among marketers on contemporary mobile data trends and opportunities, adsquare announced the hosting of “Audiences In Motion” event in New York on February 16.

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