Sizmek Announces Centralized DMP Integration to Enrich Programmatic Ad Inventories

Sizmek, an Open Ad Management tech firm, has announced the launch of a data-centralizing ecosystem – Data Hub, enabling advertisers to streamline audience data. Sizmek’s Data Hub will be offered with its Programmatic Creative solution. The new integration is designed to pull targeted audience segments from integrated DMPs, enriching programmatic ad inventories based on optimized campaign performance.

With Data Hub, Sizmek is taking a leap in integrating DMP-based audience segmentation and ad history analytics. The Texas-based ad tech firm is one of the most reliable programmatic ad campaign platforms. It offers a tailor-made creative ad-serving platform to cater to specific audiences.

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Data Hub was introduced into existing DMPs on Monday and will be readily available for integration. Sequential ad campaigns will get a big boost, leveraging different channels that have previously served ads.

“With ad tech consolidating at a consistent and rapid clip, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to be able to house their data in a central location,” said Neil Nguyen, CEO at Sizmek.

“With the addition of Data Hub to the Sizmek Programmatic Creative solution, and to our platform, ad buyers can easily leverage the valuable insights from all of their data to deliver consumers the ads they’ll find the most engaging, when and where it matters most,” Nguyen said.

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By bringing the new Data Hub in ad stack, advertisers can assemble customizable programmatic ad inventory using DMPs, utilizing entire ad history that has already garnered significant views from advertisers and customers.  Sizmek’s Data Hub will significantly improve rich-media programmatic ad engagements implemented by retail and tech advertisers.

Data Hub exemplifies Sizmek’s effort to converge ad optimization, programmatic efficiency and mobile-first strategies over a single DMP. With the vision to deliver dynamic omnichannel programmatic ad campaigns based on simplified ad targeting at a creative level, Sizmek is trying to fill the gap advertisers acknowledge exist between data sets in the ad server and performance.

The ascent and fruition of DSPs and ad server SSP integrations, powered by machine learning optimization will offer higher the flexibility to accommodate social media ad engagements with location-based marketing efforts.

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