VRTCAL VAST Mediation Enhances SaaS Services

VRTCAL, a leading mobile SSP focused on Demand-Path Optimization (DPO) for mobile app developers, today announced VAST mediation as part of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. App developers working with VRTCAL can increase their video revenues, reduce costs and improve efficiencies for themselves as well as their advertisers through direct relationships with VRTCAL’s architecture.

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“VRTCAL puts control back into the hands of mobile app developers and brands through high quality tech and engineering that upsets the legacy structure of mobile app advertising,” said Todd Wooten, founder and president of VRTCAL. “With too many participants between developers and brands, the addition of VAST mediation equips developers with a complete toolbox of proven architecture, enabling direct relationships for a more connected marketplace.”

VRTCAL’s framework provides developers with efficiencies at all levels including SDK, mediation, auction and buyer connection. With VRTCAL, mobile app developers have the ability to shorten, simplify, unify and increase the efficiencies of their entire ad stack as well as to connect directly to advertisers. Developers utilize VRTCAL’s architecture, economies-of-scale and efficiency controls to seamlessly monetize inventory and maximize revenues.

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