What are Popular Messaging Apps Missing? Urgency Alerts

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New Technology From Ingenioshare, An Affiliate Of Ipventure, Solves The Problem Of Notification Overload In An Innovative Approach

Communication has become increasingly easy with the rise of third-party messaging apps. However, this ease of communication can be a source of constant distraction, as we are frequently interrupted by sounding alerts on our devices. Alarmingly, the study The attentional cost of receiving a cell phone notification found that ‘cellular phone notifications alone significantly disrupted performance on an attention-demanding task’, which shows that notification distraction comes at a high price. Fortunately, new technology from IngenioShare, an affiliate of IpVenture, solves the problem of notification overload in an innovative approach.

Through current third-party messaging apps, users can turn off notifications, but then they risk missing important or even urgent messages. A message from a loved one with a life-threatening emergency will be treated just the same as other, less pressing messages. Users are left with two imperfect options: (1) keep notifications on at the price of constant distraction or (2) turn notifications off and risk missing urgent messages.

New patent-pending technology from IngenioShare solves this problem by factoring in the urgency of an incoming message. For example, you can turn notifications off to avoid the constant interruption of messages. However, if a message is urgent, the sender can choose to activate an urgency setting. Then, when you receive the message, your device will sound or vibrate to notify you, while other incoming messages will remain silenced. For those abusing the urgency option, you can, for example, block them so they are prevented from interrupting you again.

Today’s popular messaging apps, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, do not distinguish message urgency. You either choose to be distracted by all alerts indiscriminately or to unilaterally ignore them. However, with IngenioShare’s technology, you can stay connected to all aspects of your life, from non-virtual engagements to messaging your contacts, without compromising your focus or missing urgent incoming messages.

IngenioShare, an affiliate of IpVenture, is a Silicon Valley company that develops innovation backed by high-quality patents in social networking and communications technologies. We also offer exceptional patent-related consulting services.

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