Winclap Announces Partnership with Tapjoy

Combined Offerings Lead to Highly Sophisticated Targeting and Engagement Strategies

Winclap , the SaaS for pricing analytics and marketing execution that helps mobile app marketers maximize their mobile campaigns, announced that Tapjoy, a leading provider of mobile engagement and monetization services for premium advertisers and app developers, has joined the Winclap Certified Partner Program.

The partnership combines Winclap’s ability to assess the real value each user brings to the marketer’s business and calculate the right price to pay, with Tapjoy’s unique mobile engagement services, including video and rich media ads, allowing app marketers to target the right consumer with a highly engaging ad, pay a fair price and drive campaign performance.

“We are delighted that Tapjoy has joined our Partner Program and shares our commitment to building a fair and clean mobile ecosystem. More than ever, app marketers need transparency when it comes to the quality of users they receive from their different media sources. If they are to survive, ad-tech companies must work together to achieve that goal,” said Mariano Saenz, CEO and Co-Founder of Winclap.

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“Tapjoy’s commitment to mobile app developers means we’re always on the lookout for ad-tech companies that can move the industry forward. Winclap’s RTP offers an innovative way for advertisers to assess the traffic quality of their media sources and focus their spend based on the users that drive their business goals. We believe that everyone in the industry will benefit from this breakthrough, which is why we opted to partner with Winclap,” explained Nathan Pringle-Dressler, Senior Account Executive and Mobile Growth Strategist at Tapjoy.

Established in 2014, Winclap is the first SaaS for pricing analytics and marketing execution. Its flagship product, Real-Time Pricing , aims to bring accountability to media sources that run mobile app campaigns. RTP analyzes the potential engagement/PLTV of each user who installs an app to execute in real-time a fair price to pay for it. RTP puts an end to the kinds of “blackbox” pricing that dominates the industry and rewards media sources that deliver high-quality users with higher payouts.

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