RTB House Solves Advertisers’ Brand Safety Dilemma with First-Ever Multi-Layer Brand Safety Firewall Powered by Natural Language Processing

RTB House, a global company that provides state-of-the-art retargeting, built on 100 percent deep learning, for top brands worldwide, announced it has cracked one of the advertising industry’s most pressing challenges with the delivery of a robust brand safety assurance mechanism. The new brand safety solution is included in its ad platform is available now for customers with language support for eight major global markets including AustraliaCanadaIndia, the UK and US.

In recent years, brands and publishers have faced a crisis in trust due to ads running next to inappropriate content such as terrorist propaganda, extreme political views, violence and body shaming that has caused public uproars. Also, with computer hacking and identity theft on the rise, there’s been an escalation in malware and phishing content on the internet.

Central to its industry-first brand safety approach is RTB House’s natural language processing. Its proprietary algorithm powers a new brand profile layer of software for rapid, comprehensive and precise inspection at the page level – including URL, content and metadata analysis – before allowing ads to be placed there. The brand profile layer is fully customizable for each client. Since activating the natural language processing algorithm, RTB House has catalogued more than one million articles and it’s already auditing more than 16,000 of the most popular global articles every day. Its goal is to more than triple that daily auditing to 50,000 articles.

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The core technology, developed by RTB House, prevents ads from being served on websites or next to content that’s likely to have negative effects for its clients’ brands through new capabilities that can be fully tailored to meet advertisers’ brand safety policies. It includes three independent features: 1) a category filter to avoid sensitive website categories like politically controversial or user-generated content, 2) a news filter that automatically blocks news content containing specific non-brand-safe keywords, and 3) a blacklist that lets clients block ads from specific URLs they choose, which is a new option from its general blacklist feature.

“We are the leading provider of technology powered by natural language processing to address the brand safety dilemma. Our solution is a game changer,” says Gary Burtka, VP of US operations at RTB House. “Our brand safety solution analyzes the actual content on web pages before placing ads through its ability to understand unstructured data. It then prevents ads from being served on them through offensive-content blocking. We also provide a combination of robust security to prevent ad placements in unsafe environments.”

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On top of RTB House’s technology that can be tailored for specific brand needs, the ad platform is powered with a multi-layer brand safety firewall that includes: 1) an SSP layer with leading brand safety solutions from programmatic inventory suppliers, 2) an offensive content layer that excludes potentially offensive content across all verticals and blacklists the most common  non-brand-safe web and in-app publishers, and 3) a third-party API layer that integrates with software such as Google Safe Browsing and Google Play Protect to detect and block unsafe web pages and apps.

Clients of RTB House, including brands like Adidas, Hotels.com, Sephora and Walmart, use the company’s solution to deliver ultra-personalized ads based on behavior tied to their search tactics, browsing and basket behavior and other observations within seconds across all devices and at just the right time to improve conversions and boost sales. Its world-class retargeting platform currently handles over 2 million bid requests per second, over 10 billion ad views per month and over 3.5 million daily clicks.

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