TechBytes with Brenda Tuohig, VP, Partner Strategy and Agencies, Oracle Data Cloud

Brenda Tuohig

Brenda Tuohig
VP, Partner Strategy and Agencies, Oracle Data Cloud

The Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) landscape is evolving at a phenomenal rate. Oracle Data Cloud, a key player in the DaaS ecosystem, helps businesses unlock the value of their First-party and Third-party data. Brenda Tuohig, VP, Partner Strategy and Agencies at Oracle Data Cloud, shared her roadmap on DaaS, the core tenets of Oracle Data Cloud for Campaign Measurement and Analytics, and the larger picture of the technology market for automation and personalized interaction.

Tell us about your role at Oracle and the team/technology you handle. 

I am the Vice President of Partner Strategy & Agencies where I am responsible for ensuring we maximize the value that Oracle Data Cloud can provide across all our solutions to our partners across Consumer Platform, DSPs, Agencies and Publishers.

How do you see trends in Data Management influencing the adoption of automation and intelligent technologies for marketing and sales?

We are seeing a growing trend of advertisers working to build first-party data solutions and bring their data management in house. This effort requires collaboration across Marketing, CRM and technology organizations in a whole new way. Organizations are looking to leverage key vendors to enable this capability by using their DMP, CDP or an FMP partners to help optimize and power their data-first strategies.

What are your predictions on Data-as-a-Service for 2018-2020? 

We are seeing significant shifts in the data industry today.  Specifically, agencies have recently made some big moves related to DaaS, such as IPG’s acquisition of Acxiom’s Marketing Services and Dentsu Aegis acquisition of Merkle earlier this year. It is interesting to see the role of agencies evolve to bring data assets in-house to help power solutions for their clients. This helps the agencies vertically integrate their solutions to provide more end-to-end solutions to their clients. It also fundamentally changes the DaaS landscape by tying data sources to certain agencies. This will likely present opportunities for independent DaaS companies to partner with agencies who may not want to leverage data owned by a competitive agency. I think this will be a trend to watch over the coming couple years. I would expect to continue to see agencies looking to support their clients by bringing more data into the fold as well as helping clients leverage their own first party data. And I would watch independent DaaS companies strengthen their position, by making their data available more broadly in the ecosystem.

What are the core tenets of Oracle Data Cloud for Campaign Measurement and Analytics? 

Data-driven marketing has introduced a level of transparency and accountability to digital media that provides marketers and publishers with better metrics, insights, and performance. With our solutions, brands are able to measure the connection between online presence and offline sales, while also quantifying viewability, attention, and brand safety. This results in a clear picture of the context of advertising, what audiences are paying attention to, and overall how well campaigns drive sales.

How should businesses unlock the value of their First-party and Third-party data? What does their integration actually deliver for enterprise success? 

The amount of first-party data (and the audiences that organizations can reach with it) are finite. To expand the pool of potential buyers, marketers need to augment their first-party data assets with third-party data, which is sourced from outside the organization and delivers valuable signals about shoppers across many categories. When used successfully, third-party data lets marketers expand audience reach and extract more value from their own assets.

The combination of first and third-party data delivers a one-two marketing punch that gives marketers a powerful view into the interests, preferences, affinities and behaviors of customers and prospects alike. When marketers successfully combine and utilize this wealth of data about how and where their best consumers shop and conduct other activities, it becomes possible to attract new customers and retain existing customers in a highly targeted manner at scale.

How do you see the technology market for automation and personalized interaction improving with Oracle Data Cloud? 

We believe in an audience-first strategy for marketers:  reaching the right consumer in the right context in a brand safe environment. In today’s environment of tight budgets, spending marketing dollars efficiently against consumers that are predisposed to have an interest in the advertiser’s brand at a time they have a mind set to pay attention is the best way to minimize wasted media spend.

Thanks for chatting with us, Brenda.

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