Carusele Now Optimizes Influencer Programs in Real Time Based on Live Sales Data

Program Driving Measurable Sales Lift from Influencer Marketing

Carusele, a leading influencer marketing agency, announced a new optimization strategy for influencer marketing: Conversion Optimization. Carusele programs for e-commerce brands can now be optimized in real time based on constant feedback of real-time sales data. This is the latest step Carusele is taking to drive measurable, predictable business results from influencer marketing.

“For too long, influencer marketing has been about faith that the branded content will drive sales behavior among consumers,” said Jim Tobin, Founder and President of Carusele. “We’ve long been able to distinguish between high-performing content and average content, but now we can determine what content, what format and what targeting best drives real sales from influencer marketing and then continually optimize off that data.”

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The first client to use Conversion Optimization helped drive over $2.50 in measurable sales for every dollar invested in the program, including all costs. Another e-commerce giant looking for program sign-ups in lieu of initial sales found that the conversion rate from the Carusele optimized influencer program outperformed owned media conversions driving toward the same result. In fact, Carusele’s performance was 22% better than the highest performing owned media target group and 174% more likely to convert than the average target group.

“As we managed these programs throughout, they were really interesting to watch. We were able to optimize to reach those who were converting instead of browsing and then switch up aspects of the influencer campaigns based on the real results we received,” Tobin said. “It was great to see this concept we believed would work pay off for our clients in a meaningful way in terms of real business results.”

Carusele’s ability to optimize influencer marketing comes from their unique approach, combining the power of influencer marketing, content marketing, and paid media to develop meaningful campaigns that deliver guaranteed results for major consumer brands and retailers.

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