Campaign and Lead Management Hacks Every Leader Should Know

CapabilitySource and Workato share how to efficiently capture, enrich, score and route leads in upcoming webinar

Marketers will receive expert guidance on improving campaign and lead management in a July 7th webinar hosted by CapabilitySource and Workato. “Campaign and Lead Management Hacks Every Leader Should Know”, at 10 a.m. PDT//1 p.m. EDT on July 7, dives into how simple automations can help an organization improve their lead management capabilities.

Lead management is an essential component in every marketing campaign. Many marketers struggle to generate the lead volumes that sales partners demand or the leads often lack context, timeliness and qualification. Automation can help. Workato provides a MarTech-neutral, all-purpose integration and automation engine that is perfect for capturing leads, qualifying leads and routing leads quickly to sales partners. Additionally, Workato can match prospects with known customers, as well as enrich leads with demographic, geographic and behavioral insights.

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Workato is a key partner for CapabilitySource in helping to automate and integrate marketing processes. And so, as we think about things like Campaign and Lead Management, Workato is a really powerful tool to use,” Senior Consultant and Partnership Manager, Nathan Greer said. “Complex MarTech integrations that used to take weeks can now be done by marketing team members in days and changed again just as fast.”

With Workato’s “integrate everything” technologies and CapabilitySource’s deep experience and understanding of marketing and sales business processes, the webinar provides actual insights that can make an immediate difference to a business.

“One of the things that’s really great about Workato is that not only is it really simple to implement and use, but it has the capabilities to be built into really complex and robust automations without having to pull IT into the marketing process,” Greer said.

Utilizing technology can take away many of the pain points that come with lead management. Both Workato and CapabilitySource understand how to address these concerns head on and help organizations reach their aggressive business goals.

“The main goal of any kind of lead management program is to identify and follow up on indications of interest, quickly and effectively. Implementing rapid integration and automation tools like Workato’s can help an organization go from good to great,” Greer said.

There is always room for growth and improvement when it comes to lead management. No matter where a marketer is in their current journey, those in attendance will gain invaluable knowledge in how they can generate more leads without more marketing expense.

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