Fuel Cycle Offering New Solution for Multilingual Support, Removing Language Barriers to Ignite Action on Insights

Market research cloud leader adds new solution to support research in over 1,000 languages

Fuel Cycle Inc., the leading market research cloud for Fortune 500 companies, announced a new multilingual solution to enable brands to conduct research in over 1,000 languages. The new capability will allow brands to cater to and understand their diverse customer bases without language barriers.

Global brands conducting research only in English disregards almost 82% of the world’s population who speak other languages. Even in the United States, 60 million Americans do not speak English at home. Many companies that already conduct international research in foreign languages are forced to run several manual concurrent studies. Fuel Cycle’s multilingual solutions automation allows them to host all research within one research platform and community while also simplifying the management of multilingual research.

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“Creating questions and receiving answers in a research participant’s native language is the best method to receive insights and avoid any cultural insensitivities,” said Rick Kelly, CPO of Fuel Cycle. “Fuel Cycle’s new multilingual solution will help global brands reach their audiences and customers, helping automate and simplify the complex logistics of executing multilingual studies.”

Fuel Cycle’s multilingual support solution will help brands speak through language and cultural barriers by enabling them to:

  • Conduct concept testing and ad testing in international markets
  • Track brand performance internationally
  • Conduct diversity, equity, and inclusion research
  • Fulfill accessibility requirements
  • Cater to a multilingual customer base

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