18 Video Marketing Ideas for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

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microcreativesVideos have long been present in people’s lives. From TV commercials and movie trailers to shows and vlogs streamed on mobile phones, the moving picture clearly enraptures consumers. The rate at which it’s getting increasingly crucial is something marketers should pay attention to.

Impact Bound cited a report where it found video marketing to be 600% more effective than print and email combined. That alone tells you that if your company hasn’t adopted video marketing strategies, you’re sorely missing out. Business startups and big corporations alike can benefit from this. Here are a few more highlights from the study:

  • 75 million Americans watch videos online daily.
  • Almost 50% of all video content is consumed via mobile.
  • By 2019, video streaming will comprise 80% of all internet traffic.

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When creating a video campaign, one must consider the intention and purpose behind its creation. Will it be used to educate or sell? Is it supposed to target the audience’s emotion or intellect? There are different types of video marketing that you can do for each stage of the buyer’s journey to effectively hit your marketing goals.

It’s also important to figure out where you’ll be posting your video content. Based on stats released by Wochit, Facebook and YouTube are two of the most popular streaming platforms online today, generating 8 billion and 5 billion views daily, respectively. Instagram is also not to be forgotten, whose efforts on Stories and IGTV are contributing to the overall consumption of video.

Another aspect is shareability. You want your video to reach the right people, or even better, go viral. This can be achieved if people genuinely see value and relevance in the content you share. Neat explainer videos and those that tug at people’s emotions are some of the most common examples of videos that do well.

Video marketing will continue to grow throughout the years, perhaps at a faster rate than most marketers are expecting. It’s important to start early in the game and realize what you can do with it sooner rather than later.

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