5 Effective Writing Styles for Promotional Text Messages

The rapidly growing industry of mobile devices gives more room for mobile marketers to sneak their promotions, thus creating newer mobile marketing channels. As opposed to the newer channels that still have to establish themselves, SMS Marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to promote a product. Part of its effectiveness comes from the fact that text messages have 98% open rates, meaning that most of the target audience sees the message. Another reason for its success is because text messages are personal for people, so they pay more attention to them.

Although it may appear to be an uncomplicated promotional channel, SMS marketing is way more than merely sending texts. As much as the channel has great potential, the final result depends on its implementation. Therefore, check the following writing styles to get the most out of this channel.

Concise Content

Text messages have a 160-character limit, which some consider as a disadvantage. The truth is, it is an asset for Marketing. People are tired of longer content, so short messages have higher chances of getting reactions. However, this doesn’t mean you should use all 160 characters. Still, keep your messages as concise as possible. Most customers are likely to not have time and only skim through the SMS.

Personalized Content

Personalized text messages will show your customers that your company cares about them. This can increase your brand loyalty and improve business-client relationships. Besides, Personalization can increase the engagement rate, thus making your campaign more effective. Most providers have built-in templates for name or surname, so it won’t be an additional hassle for you.

Content with a Sense of Urgency

People have a habit of putting off things until the last minute. If you send out limited offers, it can alert them of losing the last chance. Additionally, you can let the recipients know the end date of your offer. Hence, including a sense of urgency is more likely to drive your customers into a buying action.

Messages with Call-to-Action Phrases

Call-to-action phrases act like guides that inform people what they are supposed to do next. Remember that they were likely to skim through the text without any further thought. Therefore, you need to emphasize those words so that the recipients notice it first. An excellent way to go is to capitalize on those words and make them eye-catching.

Messages Without SMS Language

Some marketers use SMS abbreviations to make their campaigns look cooler. This is the worst thing they could come up with. When sending out the messages, you don’t know what age group or nationality your recipients are. In both cases, they may not understand what that phrase intends to say. Even if they do know what the abbreviations stand for, you can’t ensure they use or like it.

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