How Can Your Organization Manage Candidate Queries Faster With Live Chat

proprofs logoImagine having ten jobseekers that applied to your job ad. Now, let’s say each of them has at least two queries that you should respond to. It may require certain effort, but you probably can deal with it manually, right? But what if there are more than 100 candidates who applied, and they have a bunch of questions regarding the employee recruiting process? Would you still not mind manual responses? Not sure about that. But, how to successfully deal with candidate query management then? The employee recruiting process can be pretty complex, especially if you have to stay in touch with a large number of candidates. To manage candidate queries efficiently, you should develop a system that minimizes repetitive tasks, while at the same time providing fast responses. And that’s what live chat software for Human Resource Management can do for you.

How Can Your Organization Manage Candidate Queries Faster With Live ChatIn this post, we are explaining how you can use live chat software for Human Resource Management purposes and speed up candidate query management.

So, how to manage candidate queries faster using live chat?

1 Answering instantly using canned responses

Every well-developed live chat software comes with the option of activating canned responses. And this feature can be compelling if you use live chat software for human resource management.

Did you know that 90% of customers reported that an “immediate” response is equally or more important than any other form of customer support?

Canned responses bring various benefits to queries management. First of all, you don’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly, since you can save the answers you’ve already provided and use them when needed. Also, this feature can give the candidates with instant responses, saving your time. Not to mention that you’ll avoid candidates’ frustration caused by waiting for replies.

2 Solving queries of a large number of candidates at a time

How Can Your Organization Manage Candidate Queries Faster With Live ChatWhat makes live chat software a great tool in the HR department is the fact that it lets recruiters interact with a large number of candidates at once.

This efficiency is owed to the fact that live chat software doesn’t limit you to a single chat box, but it lets you have simultaneous interactions within several chat boxes at a time. You can open as many chat windows as you need and, therefore, increase the efficiency of candidate query management.

3 Automating live chat software for human resource management

While your interaction with candidates can be faster if you use canned responses and multiple chat boxes at a time, you can even go a step further. You can try to integrate the tool with other platforms that help you answer questions a lot faster.

For instance, you can try to introduce an integration with knowledge base software. The integration will allow you to resolve questions faster, especially the most frequent ones. This means that some simple, fact-based queries can get a response even when there is no human being around.

4 Redirecting candidates to relevant authorities fast

67% of customers reported that they hung up their phone in frustration as they couldn’t reach the right customer service representative.

Sometimes, the job candidates may ask some job-related questions that not every agent or HR member can answer. In these cases, it seems logical to connect the candidates with people in charge who can solve their doubts.

However, if your HR department is not supported by powerful software, chances are you’ll be doing so by redirecting phone calls, forwarding emails, etc. And all these activities are not only time-consuming but sometimes really frustrating, as well. Spending time on forwarding questions and answers can be a painstaking task, especially if there are a lot of questions.

Luckily, with live chat software for Human Resource Management, you can help the candidates get a more profound answer in no time. In just a couple of clicks, you can connect them with a higher authority, such as an HR manager or a Senior Recruiter, by forwarding the questions to a concerned person in a separate chat box.

Can I Really Speed Up Candidate Query Management And How?

Long story short, live chat software for Human Resource Management can be an incredibly powerful asset in the employee recruiting process. If used properly, its features can help you manage candidate queries with a significantly increased efficiency. First of all, the use of live chat software speeds up the communication process based on the use of canned responses and the possibility of integration with the knowledge base software.

Also, it increases the agents’ efficiency by letting them coordinate multiple chat sessions at a time.

Finally, live chat also lets the candidates receive both fast and detailed responses. This preciseness combined with time efficiency is made possible thanks to the option of delegating a query to a more competent representative in no time.

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