How Marketers Can Take Advantage of the Holiday Slowdown

Walker SandsDecember is a notoriously tough month for workplace productivity. And with the holidays rapidly approaching, it can be tempting to relax your marketing technology efforts, but in doing so can put your company at risk of falling behind in the new year. Instead, here are some tips for making the most out of your December:

Focus on Building Relationships

Just like family and friends, clients like to know their agency is thinking of them at this time of year. Sending creative holiday gifts can improve client retention and help you stand out among other companies. It also is a great chance to touch base and strengthen internal relationships. Check in with internal stakeholders and facilitate dialogue around the direction of your organization’s marketing efforts in the months and year to come.

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Clean up Your Data

It’s important to frequently evaluate your company’s marketing tools and technology. Unfortunately, when workers are bogged down with day-to-day responsibilities, this task often ends up at the bottom of the pile. Take advantage of the December slow down by prioritizing  thorough data and systems clean up. Look at everything from how your company measures analytics to its CRM and CMS systems and Marketing Automation tools. Make sure there aren’t glaring gaps in data collection, and create a wish list for any new programs you’d like to explore in the coming year.

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Plan For the Year Ahead

It’s vital for marketers to enter the new year with a clear vision and plan. While this should be developed gradually throughout the previous year, the quiet time leading up to the holidays is a chance to reflect on the years’ successes and struggles. Your team should discuss ways to capitalize on its strengths going forward and make sure any new objectives align with the company’s overall business plan. To ensure everyone is on the same page, outline goals and objectives in a big-picture presentation highlighting major wins from the year — something the whole team can celebrate. Not only do these presentations help build morale, but they also serve as a tangible record of the expectations for the new year.

Before enjoying your holiday break, take some time for these important steps. Marketers who use the slow December month wisely ultimately will be rewarded when they find themselves more prepared to handle the upcoming quarter — and year.

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