Top 5 Best Mobile App Development Agencies in Bahrain

We live in a world where speed is of the essence. Consumers would rather look for alternatives than wait for a website that takes 2 minutes to load, which is why mobile applications are the next best thing. With information and data right at your fingertips, it’s the go-to solution for companies looking to expand their customer base and increase their ROI. Bahrain is one of the leading hubs for mobile app development agencies, with a diverse list of the international client base.

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Here Are the Top 5 Best Mobile App Development Agencies in Bahrain

1. ParamInfo

Ranked one of the best mobile app companies in Dubai, ParamInfo offers top-notch mobile application development services in Bahrain. They have a team of professional developers that offer app prototyping strategy, Cloud mobility solutions, customizations and also develop applications on cross platforms in order to assist clients in effectively targeting their customers, sustain their position in the market, and keep their businesses running with minimal efforts.

ParamInfo also application maintenance services after the application’s launch to ensure seamless functionality and ease of use.

2. AK Information Technology

Headquartered in Bahrain, AK information technology is up to par with the latest industry standards and has a diverse roster of international clients. They have a team of world-class app developers in charge of churning custom smartphone and tablet apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and HTML5 platforms as well. Their mobile applications are known to rank high on visual appeal, user-friendliness, enhanced data processing speed that meets both clients and business expectations. Some of their clients are Nissan, Dunkin Donuts and Vogue.

3. The Apps House

The Apps House is one of the most prominent and versatile mobile development companies in Bahrain. With clients across sectors like Retails, Travel, Education, Healthcare, Automotive, Entertainment, and Technology, they have developed quite the portfolio since their inception. They have an experienced team of Business Analysts that take the time to assess their client’s businesses inside out, understand their customer pain points, their position in the market and create an application that can sustain its position in the market and battle any foreseeable challenges that the company might face, giving their clients a competitive edge. The Apps House provides its services for iOS and Windows phones.

4. Fabric Digital

Founded in 2011 and based in Bahrain, Fabric digital is a small, yet competent mobile application development agency with a think tank situated in London. Their portfolio is packed with creative professionals from the Middle East and the UK.

As a result, clients get the double benefit of having these experts collaborate on projects and bring them up to international standards. They are one of the most reputed app developers in Bahrain, with services offered for Android and Apple. They also have the technological bandwidth to consumer integration, GPS, mobile payments, enterprise CRM integration, and seamless connection with API’s, among others.

5. Webnexs

Based in Bahrain, Webnexs brings a lot more to the table than what catches the eye. In addition to their visually engaging applications, Webnexs creates mobile applications with full-fledged e-commerce solutions for the clients and other features that are tailored to suit the clients’ needs. They work with iOS and Android platforms and provide application maintenance and back end support after deploying it in the market.

They also boast complete eloquence in their work and are reputed for delivering in the event of strict deadlines. Businesses need to up the ante in terms of their virtual face value in order to be taken seriously. Surging up your business and maintaining consistency in your efforts and outcomes can be done by creating a mobile application that serves your companies’ needs with ParamInfo.

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