CRM TechBytes with Sunny Paris, CEO at You Don’t Need a CRM

YouDon’tNeedaCRM actually makes every day feel like a Friday. The lead management software takes full control of the sales process, enabling salespeople to prevent leakage of critical customer information from the traditional CRM models. Last month, the popular CRM platform launched to simplify and improve the way SMBs manage their sales processes. We invited Sunny Paris, CEO at YouDon’tNeedaCRM, to our TechBytes Series to learn more about the new tool and its role in refining the sales processes.

MTS:  Tell us about your role at You Don’t Need a CRM, and how you got here.

Sunny Paris: I am the CEO and co-founder of You Don’t Need a CRM. As I have a MarTech background, I am involved in a lot of the decisions involving server architecture, customer acquisition, marketing, and fundraising.

I discovered the internet when I was preparing my Ph.D. in theoretical physics and I hosted my first website in 1996. I then founded Weborama, a European AdTech/MarTech leader in 1998 that went public in 2006. Following the success of Weborama, I founded Yoolink in 2008 which specialized in Corporate Social Networks. Now at You Don’t Need a CRM, I try to help salespeople to close more deals

MTS:  Tell us the idea behind conceiving

Sunny Paris: Salespeople don’t use CRM. For a salesperson, 95% of the time a CRM = pain. CRM systems are never up to date and you always hear management complaining about “Did you fill the CRM? Why is it not up to date?”.

Salespeople tend to fill their CRM just before their weekly meetings. They’re not using it for prospecting, they’re using it for reporting. The worst part is that they are right in doing so because CRM systems were not designed for salespeople but for managers or marketers.

So we decided to create a tool that sales professionals will love to use. A tool that will be focused on closing deals, not collecting extensive data. So the lead is at the very center of A user can create leads from a lot of different sources in a matter of seconds, including scanning business cards, forwarding emails, or creating them straight from LinkedIn.

Managing leads inside the app is really painless. Our users have task reminders synchronized with their calendar to ensure no follow-up is missed and use our visual pipeline to get a clear picture of the health of their pipeline and at which stage they are with every lead.

MTS:  What marketing and sales technology platforms does integrate with?

Sunny Paris: First of all, we have a great API so our tool can be integrated to any other SaaS service. Our mobile app is completely built on top of our API so it means that you can really perform a large range of actions with it. We also integrate with Zapier which allows us to connect with various marketing automation apps such as MailChimp and ActiveDemand. separates clearly unqualified prospects from qualified leads. Prospecting is managed through our online spreadsheet that gives salespeople a pool of prospects to tap into to grow their sales pipeline.  So one example of a great integration would be to have the marketing automation used by our customer automatically add high-scoring prospects to their prospecting list.

Every morning, sales teams can start working on new potential leads within using features designed to facilitate the process.

MTS:  How can marketers and sales reps churn the maximum ROI from within their stacks?

Sunny Paris: is really a tool for sales reps that need a proactive approach to sell a product or service. So basically, it is the ideal tool for salespeople who need to “manually” contact their prospects or personally meet them.

We are very focused on the selling process and we really help our customers in:

  1. Saving significant amounts of time entering data.
  2. Never missing a follow-up so that no important leads are dropped.
  3. Knowing exactly where they left off with each lead.

These three elements are key to raising a company’s revenue. So if a company correctly connects their marketing tools to feed their sales teams with leads and uses their business tools to manage the post-sales process, it will without a doubt maximize its ROI.

MTS:  How deep is into leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? How do you see SMBs adopting AI-based sales technologies/CRMs to generate more business out of their leads?

Sunny Paris: We are not leveraging the AI potential and Machine Learning at this stage because we think those technologies have a better impact in the marketing automation part of the business. To use AI you need to have a lot of data and we are much more focused on the human part of the sales job.

MTS:  Are you planning to invest in developing new tools for ABM and Social Selling?

Sunny Paris: We are always willing to connect to more apps to enhance the performance and efficiency of our clients, and if a salesperson can have more information about a company and about the stakeholders/decision makers, it can significantly affect and shape their strategy when selling to larger companies.

For social media, we already have tools to extract data from, for example, LinkedIn but we clearly want to go further. Not by developing the features ourselves, but by connecting seamlessly to great data providers. We have a quite vertical vision of SaaS software. We believe in great vertical products able to communicate with each other.

MTS: Thank you, Sunny for answering all the questions. We look forward to having you very soon at MarTech Series for more insights.

Stay tuned for more on business insights on marketing automation, content marketing, video ad tech, programmatic and header-bidding technologies. To participate in our Tech Bytes program, email us at

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