MarTech Interview With Rachel Meranus, CMO at Transfix

Looking for a few proven re-branding best practices? Rachel Meranus, CMO at Transfix has you covered:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat Rachel, tell us more about your marketing journey and what’s it been like being a 4X CMO!

I started my marketing journey on the public relations/corporate communications side of the industry. I spent about 10 years honing my writing, storytelling, branding, and positioning skills before adding revenue marketing and product marketing to the mix. Once I got the taste of marrying the art of marketing with the science of marketing, I knew I had found my true career path. I’ve had the privilege of building and leading some incredible marketing teams over my career and this time is no different.

Transfix recently announced a complete rebranding, we’d love to hear more about this and also, as a marketer, how rebranding can positively impact a brand, if done right!

It’s been such a wild, exciting ride since I joined Transfix last year. We stand at the precipice of a remarkable new era in freight and logistics. The topic of supply chain efficiency has never been more in the spotlight than now. Because of that, our vision for a digitally connected world where goods move seamlessly, sustainably, and with transparency has never been more required. We needed to re-examine the message and impact of our brand.

Our new brand platform – Performance. Driven. – represents how we combine advanced data modeling, machine-learning algorithms, intuitive software, and best-in-class freight experts. It also represents what we’re working hard to become.

This rebrand helps our company and stakeholders deliver the same consistent message, in the same way, in the same voice, everywhere we communicate. It will also differentiate us in the market, which all good branding efforts do. When you infuse brand across all communications, you create demand for your solutions and expertise.

I am happy to say that we’ve received incredible feedback on the brand over the past week since launch and I am so excited to build upon that momentum.

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For brands considering a new rebrand in 2022, what thoughts and tips would you share with them?

First, don’t start from zero. The very fact that it’s a “re” brand means you have a history of learnings and experience behind you that can inform the image you want to portray and message you want to convey. Work with what works and refine from there.

Next, don’t operate in a vacuum. Brands are built from the stakeholders up and must align with their needs. We interviewed employees, shippers, carriers, analysts and studied competitors, analyst reports, and industry and internal research. With this, you combine the art and science of what you learn and what you know to evolve your brand.

Finally, acknowledge that brands are living entities informed by the times you live in and the ecosystem you work in. There is usually a core truth that doesn’t change much. Our founders launched Transfix nine years ago to improve the lives of the men and women who work in logistics and trucking while simultaneously improving the speed and accuracy of the ways things flow. This will never change. But the world around you will change, and that’s when you have to take a hard look at whether or not the way you’re expressing your brand must be updated. For us, the explosion of digital innovation and our pioneering application of that innovation to improve the industry made a rebrand necessary now. Not to mention how COVID changed the industry in the eyes of all stakeholders.

We’d love to dive a little into your core marketing process and strategy at Transfix and also, get to know more about the martech that helps drive your marketing goals.

Part of what we discovered in our research for the rebrand was that to know us is to love us so, at the moment, we are very focused on building on the momentum of our rebrand to generate awareness and recognition of our Intelligent Freight Platform. To that end, we’re building out a robust thought leadership and content strategy which we will seed throughout all of our key organic and paid channels. From a MarTech perspective, we’re working with Hubspot as our MAP and Salesforce as our CRM. We launched our new site on WordPress, and we’ll add more tech as the need warrants.

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As martech and B2B marketing evolves, how do you feel a typical B2B marketing needs to shape up to work/what kind of team members need to comprise a ‘’healthy’’ marketing team in your view?

The best B2B marketing teams have functional experts and some all-around athletes. But what’s critical is diversity of experience, thought, background, and an insane focus on collaboration and teamwork.

We’d love to hear a few predictions you have in mind for the future of martech and B2B marketing!

I truly believe that we shouldn’t rely on MarTech to solve all of our marketing problems; it’s what you build and create on top that matters most.

Transfix Launches New Brand Identity and Positioning Showcasing Leadership and Momentum in New Logistics Era

Transfix drives modern supply chain impact at scale with its Intelligent Freight Platform™. By combining enterprise-grade, machine-learning technology with intuitive software and dedicated supply chain experts, Transfix is enabling organizations to deliver with high performance and high reliability, drive long-term strategy and capacity planning, take empty miles off the road, and optimize their networks, at scale. Today, Transfix connects shippers to 28,000+ carriers with real-time, many-to-many freight matching and the visibility they need to make their supply chains more efficient and environmentally responsible. Learn more at

Rachel Meranus is the CMO of Transfix, the intelligent freight platform. Rachel has spent the last two decades leading marketing and communications across a variety of venture-backed B2B SaaS companies in the CommsTech, MarTech, and AdTech sectors. Rachel’s expertise lies in building high-performance marketing teams; establishing go-to-market strategies, processes, and infrastructure to create long-term scalable growth; developing cross-departmental alignment to drive opportunity and accountability across sales, customer success, product, and marketing; understanding the market and the customer through primary research; building differentiated, empathetic, and trusted brands; and managing multi-million dollar marketing budgets. She has built and led marketing teams most recently as CMO at Botify, an enterprise SEO technology company, CMO at Olapic (now Olapic by Social Native), a leader in visual marketing technology, CMO at MediaMath, a leader in AdTech, and SVP at PR Newswire/Cision. Rachel is a native New Yorker hailing from the Upper West Side who now lives in Montclair, NJ with her husband, two children, and a 15lb cockapoo. When she is not marketing high-growth brands or acting as an Uber driver for her two teenagers, Rachel can be found swinging kettlebells or doing yoga.

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