MarTech Interview with Yogeeta Chainani, Co-Founder and CPO at Swaarm

Yogeeta Chainani, Co-Founder and CPO at Swaarm, an ad tech tracking platform comments on Swaarm’s journey since its inception in 2020 while taking us through a few top martech and adtech trends that are prevalent in the B2B market today:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat Yogeeta, tell us more about Swaarm and Swaarm’s growth journey and about some of your latest innovations / features!

Swaarm is a performance-based tracking platform that helps clients all over the world manage, analyze and optimize their marketing campaigns in real-time. Our intuitive platform helps partner affiliate networks and agencies benefit from the power of automation to grow their business at scale. 

I founded Swaarm in September 2020, together with my co-founder and CTO Alexandru. It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come in just 10 short months, growing not only our team worldwide but also our client base. Today, global clients including Apptrust, Appnapp and Nexamob use Swaarm to simplify their campaigns and accelerate business growth. 

In terms of new innovations, the performance marketing ecosystem is constantly evolving – which definitely keeps things interesting! Our goal with Swaarm has always been to build tools to simplify marketers’ day-to-day tasks. With that in mind, we recently announced the launch of Explorer – a product that allows clients to slice and dice data as they need, gaining access to critical insights for daily advertising campaign operations faster than any other platform.

As Chief Product Officer, it’s also my job to make sure we’re always one step ahead of any changes within the industry, and helping our clients navigate its growing complexity with ease. One recent example is the launch of our Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain), which we developed soon after Apple revealed it would be restricting access to the IDFA on iOS 14. Swaarm’s PEA Chain allows clients to continue capturing campaign and traffic sources throughout the whole advertising network chain in-line with Apple’s privacy regulations.

Our team is already busy working on several more features that we’ll be releasing in the coming months, which I’m really excited to share soon! 

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How are you seeing marketing analytics systems (and demand for certain features) evolve? What are some of the marketing analytics best practices you feel martech / marketing operations / marketing teams need to be focusing on more in today’s Dynamics?

From a product point of view, we’re seeing more demand for automation that enables marketers to make faster and more precise decision-making. There will always be a human element of data analysis that cannot be substituted by machines, but particularly for labor-intensive tasks and number-crunching, this can be done much more efficiently by a machine.

Flexibility also needs to be embedded in today’s tech companies. As we have seen with Apple’s recent iOS 14 changes, the mobile industry at large has needed to pivot advertising quickly – so agility is essential when technology or regulations can shift on a dime.

How have you seen martech and analytics and demand for martech change during this ongoing global pandemic? A few thoughts on how you feel marketers should optimize their martech and marketing processes today as global trends and customer trends still shift as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic?

The pandemic drove a massive shift to the digital world, and has been coined “the great accelerator” towards adoption of previously untapped digital services. The importance of customer-centricity has grown alongside this shift, and consumers today expect their interactions with brands to be frictionless and hyper-relevant.

In response, we’ve seen marketers double down on their martech and analytics technology. Our clients are looking to gain more precise targeting capabilities, and extract better insights around how their customers are responding. 

Because the industry can change so rapidly – take iOS 14 as an example – we also advise marketers to regularly audit their tech stack. Investing in the right components will help you scale fast and remain flexible in the face of new regulations. And particularly for companies looking to grow internationally, it’s essential to work with partners with a global footprint. They will help you stay informed and up-to-date with local as well as global market knowledge and changes.

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What are some of the top challenges you see marketing leaders struggle with despite access to rich marketing technologies today?

For our clients, their biggest challenge often revolves around the complexity of ad management – particularly now that marketers are managing more channels and campaigns than ever before. A marketer managing 10,000 campaigns across 10 publishers and 10 sub-publishers can easily have up to a million data points to analyze, often in unwieldy spreadsheets and pivot tables. 

Rather than focusing on strategy, planning and creativity, many marketers instead spend the majority of their time cleaning and analysing data. That was the inspiration behind building our Explorer product – and by helping clients offload the routine, manual chores, we can give them back the time and resources to focus on more business-critical work.

As the need for deeper intelligence and insights grows, in what ways do you feel marketers of the future will drive demand for certain kinds of marketing technologies and martech categories?

With total digital ad spending expected to reach $455.30 billion this year, tools focused on delivering higher return on advertising spend will become more important than ever. And as advertising budgets increase, marketers will place an ever growing focus on campaign optimization – constantly readjusting the marketing channels, touchpoints, and strategies that drive the most value for their brand. 

A few last thoughts and takeaways for marketing leaders and CEOs?

Make sure you’re in the loop when it comes to all important privacy changes – and be sure your partners and suppliers are, too. Apple has so far been most vocal about new privacy standards, but Android is now following in its footsteps by removing the Android Advertising ID for all users who have opted out of ads personalisation. 

Marketers should take this time to build better, stronger relationships with their users, and work closely with their partners to adapt their services. As challenging as these changes can be, there are equally as many opportunities – and limitations like we’re seeing now are often what can trigger an industry to innovate.

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Swaarm is an affordable, easy-to-use platform for successfully measuring, optimizing, and automating your marketing efforts.

Yogeeta Chainani, Co-Founder and CPO at Swaarm

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