TechBytes with Jonathan Kay, Founder, Apptopia

Jonathan Kay

Jonathan Kay
Founder, Apptopia

Mobile Growth Summit 2018 – the largest mobile marketing growth conference will kick off next week in SF, California. The two-day event, on 7 -8 February, would witness a footfall of 1000+ mobile marketers from more than 600 diversified business groups. To demonstrate how business leaders see next-gen technologies in mobile marketing in 2018, we spoke to a bunch of CEOs, Marketing Executives, Product Officers and Mobile Growth-Hackers.
We spoke to Johnathan Kay, Founder, Apptopia to learn more about cross-device experience management.

Tell us about the vision driving Apptopia. What technologies are you particularly fond of?

The vision driving Apptopia has always remained the same. Our goal is to demystify the app economy and add transparency for developers and publishers of all sizes. The more data and information one has, the better decisions they are able to make.

How do customer intelligence, mobile app performance data, and customer experience reporting converge at Apptopia?

It’s really simple because we’re a company of 50 people, so there is no red tape and the levels of hierarchy are limited. Communication happens quickly which leads to quicker results for our customers and therefore our business. Our customer success, sale, data and product teams all speak with current and prospective customers. Those insights are shared at company meetings and we make adjustments across the board based on what we hear and what each department needs.

How do you see the Mobile Growth Summit 2018 making a difference to mobile technology ecosystem? What part of the conference are you particularly keen about?

From what I can see, there’s a lot of smart people here who know their craft well. They understand the history of the industry and where it’s going. Everyone is going to learn a lot from everyone else here and I think there are two outcomes from that. One is that competition in the space increases because we’re all going to implement better, smarter tactics after learning from each other. Two is that it leads to innovation because with tougher competition comes the need to get ahead and true innovation is born from need, not want.

Which technology marketing lessons would you like to re-evaluate at the Mobile Growth Summit 2018?

We’re not a brand marketing to consumers. We help brands market to their audience by understanding which apps their audience is already engaged with.

How should mobile tech platforms better leverage customer data and cross-device experience management technologies?

It’s difficult to be good at servicing users unless you know what other things they are into and like doing. For example, Uber can capitalize massively, and probably already does, from location data. Knowing where your users like to go and when helps Uber deliver the right features and/or push notifications at the right times to the right people.

What are your predictions for B2B mobile apps and mobile advertising trends for 2018?

They will make more inroads within an organization they are trying to sell to. As a salesperson, it’s always been important to have the right contact to go after. The typical strategy says to go for the decision maker. Advertising to various people below or around the decision maker is proving to be important as well. It has a strong effect when you build internal advocates for your business. Give these people the free trials rather than the decision maker as the decision maker is oftentimes not the end user. Building inroads through advertising will be a smart move in 2018.

Would AI/ML have a profound impact on mobile app commercialization and customer experiences? Please elaborate on your views.

Machine learning has begun to play a role in user acquisition and it will only become more helpful. With AI/ML, decisions about what shapes and colors to use with which target segments can all be done quicker and smarter than humans can. It will allow more segmented and customized advertising at a quicker rate.

Thanks for chatting with us, Jonathan.
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