TechBytes with Kevin Shively, Head of Marketing, Simply Measured

Kevin Shively

Kevin Shively
Head of Marketing,  Simply Measured

Social media analytics is a measure of the omnichannel customer experience that brands are trying to deliver to their customers. We spoke to Kevin Shively, Head of Marketing at Simply Measured, to understand how they go about measuring this.

Tell us about your role at Simply Measured and the team you handle?

I lead marketing for Simply Measured, which is a team of ten incredibly talented people responsible for content and communication, demand generation, and product marketing. Basically, anything you see with a Simply Measured Wave on it, from our website, to sales collateral and blog posts, to t-shirts and events, it comes through our team.

What are the key dimensions to measuring the ROI of full-funnel social analytics?

Ultimately, the goal of full-funnel analytics is to connect revenue back to the top level awareness you’re driving through your social programs. This means seeing a holistic picture that encompasses everything from conversations to conversions. In terms of our product, we think of this is being done by listening to conversations that are happening, measuring engagement with your brand, tracking content from your site which is being shared, and the conversions that sharing drives back on your website.

What are the major pain points for businesses in their adoption of social analytics for B2B engagements?

The problem that we hear about the most, and the one that we try to solve, is the ability to connect social media activity to website activity. There’s a big gap between what happens on social, and how that activity leads to conversions, which is a critical metric for B2B marketers.

What would social media intelligence platforms look like in 2020 given the rapid adoption of intelligent assistants and AI-bots for messaging and content marketing?

The level of insight and ability to get hyper-targeted will only continue to get stronger, helping marketers (and bots) create more relevant content for users. The danger is losing the human side of marketing by making everything programmatic. People still crave real, human content and connections, and I expect we’ll see this need continue. The best intelligence platforms will provide insight that feeds both programmatic ads and AI-bots, and also inspires great creative from great marketers.

Thanks for chatting with us, Kevin.
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