Pega Partners with Celebrus to Launch Always-On Insights for More Timely and Personalized Customer Outreach

New offering combines streaming data capture capabilities with AI-powered decisioning for deeper customer behavior insights that help drive better interactions

Pegasystems Inc, the software company that crushes business complexity, announced Always-On Insights, a new offering combining the capabilities of Pega Customer Decision Hub™ with Celebrus Customer Data Platform (CDP). By integrating Celebrus’ real-time data capturing and identity solutions with Pega’s AI-powered decisioning, brands can continuously react to consumer behavior with the most relevant inbound and outbound offers and messages to drive higher response rates.

Even though brands have access to more customer data than ever, they struggle to convert that information into meaningful outbound and inbound interactions in a compliant and cost-effective way. Traditionally, brands leverage third-party data collected through cookies as well as slowly compiled first-party data to engage audiences with broad segment-based campaigns. These widely used techniques are not only ineffective, but some will become obsolete when third-party cookies are retired in 2023. Brands will be forced to rethink their outbound marketing approach by more effectively leaning on their first-party customer data to better inform what offer or message is best suited for each customer.

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To maintain consumers’ attention, brands need a combination of effective data collection and sophisticated decisioning to determine the next-best action to take with individual customers. Always-On Insights brings together Pega’s AI-driven engagement engine to intelligently optimize each interaction with Celebrus CDP that captures and collects compliant first-party customer data in real-time across digital channels. This will help increase offer response, lead generation, and overall customer satisfaction by ensuring businesses don’t miss the most critical moments to engage customers in a meaningful way. For example, when a consumer displays a clear signal of buying intent by hovering over or browsing certain digital content repeatedly, Always-On Insights takes that insight to directly influence the next-best action for the customer in real time.

With Always-On Insights, brands can eliminate their dependence on third-party cookies while leveraging contextual, first-party data to jumpstart customer engagement success with features including:

  • Real-time identity and context – With a non-invasive approach and no tagging required, Celebrus captures consent-based first-party data from digital signals emitted as consumers navigate across organizations’ owned digital properties such as a website or mobile app. These signals – such as browsing behavior or mobile activity – provide context around a person’s propensities, intent, and emotional state as they happen. This is backed by a true first-party Identity Graph that solves for today’s cookie challenges in a compliant manner.
  • Instant outreach recommendations – Next, the combined solution immediately distills the streaming data and transforms it into insights that fuel Pega’s AI-powered decision engine. These insights can trigger an outbound engagement with customers in real-time: for example, a retention offer based on recent behaviors to reduce the risk of attrition; a sales offer based on new intent to increase offer conversion rates; or a service suggestion to solve a case to help maximize net promoter or customer satisfaction scores.
  • Integration of owned and paid channels – Once the right next-best action is calculated, brands can deliver hyper-personalized messages to customers through any connected channel, such as a website, mobile app, email, contact center, or advertising platform. The solution ensures coordinated and relevant messages across both owned properties and ad platforms.

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