Relative Insight Releases New Study that “Opens the Conversation” on Diversity and Inclusion

By analysing text from open-end survey questions at scale, the text analytics company reveals what diversity, equality and inclusion mean to differing groups

Relative Insight, a comparative text analytics software company, has released a new report, Diversity and Inclusion: Starting an open conversation. The study is based on the AI-assisted text analysis of more than 300,000 words of open-text survey data collected from respondents in the United States and United Kingdom. It unveils granular data from individual interviews to understand the perspectives, thoughts and feelings of various groups; with key insights grouped by various audience attributes including ethnicity, gender, sexuality and nationality.

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“Our platform can process a massive amount of text data, meaning we can access intricacies of opinion contained in the open-end survey responses. This allows us to dig deeper and to compare the thoughts and feelings of different groups,” explains Jessica Lewis of Relative Insight. “The results reflect a diverse range of perspectives. They illustrate the complexity of the topic and shed light on important trends and opinions surrounding diversity and inclusion.”

Relative Insight’s technology analyses unstructured text data, at scale, to reveal the trends, differences and insights latent within language. It uses AI to process and compare text of any kind – from surveys and reviews to social media to customer service transcripts – to identify the subtle differences in language that reveal key audience insights. In a topic area such as diversity and inclusion, these kinds of subtleties are critical in building deep societal understanding.

The insights in Diversity and Inclusion: Starting an open conversation can help organisations to:

– Unlock the personal definitions of ‘diversity and inclusion’ to help create policies that are more human and relevant to employees.
– Explore the level of representation that individuals feel, together with their opinions of how popular culture is performing; thereby allowing greater understanding of where organisational change needs to happen.
– Analyse commitments and hopes for the future, indicating areas that are most important to individuals, as well as the overall direction of travel for diversity and inclusion.

Each quarter, Relative Insight publishes a comprehensive report on a trending topic area that provides a deeper, language-based examination of thoughts and feelings.

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