Altify Unveils Summer ‘17 Platform Update with Sophisticated Relationship Maps for Global Collaborative Selling

Altify’s New Enhancements Enable Faster, More Productive Engagements with Key Buyers, Alignment Across the Full Go-To-Market Team, and International Deployment

Altify, the sales transformation software company, has announced its Altify Summer ’17 Platform release, introducing new internationalization and collaboration capabilities and expanding the Relationship Maps functionality to identify the influence of key buying contacts. With the latest Altify Platform release, businesses can bolster international sales results, gain quicker access to key buyers, and effectively align different departments to an optimal sales strategy.

Anthony Reynolds, CEO at Altify, said, “Sales professionals are knowledge workers, and success requires coordinated processes and data-driven expertise. Altify’s Summer ‘17 release accelerates sales by providing strategic insights in real-time and aligning the entire organization on best practices. It also deepens the value for our customers by making our expert methodology more accessible globally.”

Interview with Patrick Morrissey, CMO at Altify

Patrick Morrissey
Patrick Morrissey, CMO at Altify

Patrick Morrissey, CMO at Altify, spoke to MarTech Series at the time of the announcement of Altify’s Summer ’17.

MTS: Given the changing dynamic of sales automation, how do you see Altify’s Summer’17 update setting the benchmark in the industry?

Patrick Morrissey: Typical sales automation is only focused on accelerating sales processes–not making them more effective. Capturing details about accounts, contacts, and opportunities are only the start. Altify’s Summer ‘17 release increases sales by providing strategic insights in real-time and aligning the entire organization around the customer. Rather than simply cranking out more calls, Altify users can map the relationships they have in the account, understand influence, and better execute on their opportunities. Altify’s Relationship Maps in Summer’17 brings contact data to life visually, so sales reps can better navigate to find the right people, build relationships, and execute their sales strategy.

Another differentiator of the Altify Summer ’17 release is its collaborative capabilities. Our platform makes it easy for salespeople to connect everyone on the internal team around the customer across departments. The Test and Improve functionality in Altify Summer ’17 dramatically improves deal reviews so that sales teams can capture input on the opportunity, understand potential vulnerabilities, and turn feedback into actionable plans.

Finally, the new release deepens the value for our customers by giving them the ability to sell in their own language. This means that not only can customers make our expert methodology accessible in every Salesforce-supported language, but they can also customize to their own unique methodologies and processes. Sophisticated global companies like CommVault, SDL, and Radial need the flexibility to tailor solutions for their unique markets and products, and Altify Summer’17 makes that possible.

MTS: Could you tell us more about the Relationship Maps? Would this help sales managers execute their ABM campaigns  better?

Patrick Morrissey: Our enhanced Relationships Maps helps our customers understand the difference between influence and titles. Identifying titles in a company helps understand hierarchy but does nothing to show who influences whom. Altify Summer ’17 helps our customers find the buying decision makers who matter and track their influence across their organization.

The Relationship Map lets the sales team see their contacts influence in the organization, understand if they have a positive, neutral or negative relationship to the individual, and to track lines of influence across the team. 

Relationship Maps also provide real-time coaching about how to engage with important buyers most effectively, so salespeople have step-by-step decision-making expertise.

MTS: Is Altify relying on AI/ML technologies within the Summer’17 Platform? What analytics and reporting features are being offered with the new enhancements? 

Altify’s platform and Summer ’17 release use augmented intelligence to help reps and teams understand what to do next, based on where they are in the deal with suggested next steps. Because Altify is native in the Salesforce platform, our apps can also provide data and input that can be used by Salesforce’s Einstein.

Altify Summer ’17 Features

The Altify Platform Summer ‘17 release includes three major enhancements developed in response to customer demand:

  • More advanced Relationship Maps that expose the influence level of key buyers and provide real-time insights,
  • Collaboration capabilities for the entire go-to-market team,
  • Internationalization of the platform through new languages.

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Relationship Maps – Navigate and Connect to the People Who Matter

Altify Relationship Maps

Altify Relationship Maps
Altify Relationship Maps

Altify’s updated Relationship Maps present prospective buyers in the context of their position in the corporate hierarchy, strongest relationships, and purchasing authority, allowing salespeople to identify the right targets. Relationship Maps also provide real-time coaching about how to engage with important buyers most effectively, so salespeople have step-by-step decision-making expertise. Altify’s recent Business Performance Benchmark Study revealed that accessing key buyers increases win rates by 23%–the number one factor for sales success. With the new release, salespeople can identify the right buyers immediately and engage effectively with faster sales and better results.

Collaborative Selling – Align the Entire Team Around the Customer
The Altify Platform Summer ‘17 release also adds new collaboration capabilities to align sales and marketing, executives, customer success, legal, and operations as customers move through the sales cycle. 43% of participants in the Business Performance Benchmark Study reported that they did not believe marketers understand their customers. Collaborative selling through the Altify Platform brings the entire organization together through shared knowledge and communication to identify the processes that drive the best results.

Internationalization – Sell in the Local Language
Altify now supports every Salesforce standard language, including both direct translations and regional terminology. This allows sales organizations the flexibility to manage their opportunities and accounts in their local language, as well as customize the platform to their unique sales process. The Altify Platform can be programmed so that users in each region automatically interact with their local language. Account Plans, Relationship Maps, labels, and more are also customizable, enabling organizations to sell in their own language and win the deals that matter.

Customers Attest to the Advantages of the Altify Platform

Steven Birdsall
Steven Birdsall, Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer at Radial Inc

Steven Birdsall, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer of Radial, said,“We selected Altify to increase our sales velocity and help accelerate our business. The new Altify Summer ‘17 release makes it easy for us to customize opportunity management, map key account relationships and get the whole team involved in selling and servicing the customer.”

Rick Donnelly
Rick Donnelly, Vice President, Worldwide Sales Operations at CommVault

Rick Donnelly, VP of Worldwide Sales Operations at CommVault, said, “Salespeople need to have access to key insights in order to succeed, but too many organizations emphasize speed and volume over effectiveness. Relationship Maps has been a major value-add for our sales teams to focus their efforts. The expanded capabilities of the Summer ‘17 release are even more exciting because they will help sellers know how, as well as where, to engage potential customers. We look forward to experiencing the improvements first-hand.”

Jane Freeman
Jane Freeman, VP Global Sales Excellence, SDL plc

Jane Freeman, Regional Sales Director at SDL, said, “Our ambition is to help all businesses around the globe communicate with customers and colleagues in any language. We’ve been impressed by the team’s vision and ability to translate our strategic goals into realistic sales outcomes. The platform’s insight into our sales pipeline and ability to identify drivers and opportunities ensures our teams are productive, focused, and always engaging with the right people. We look forward to working closely with Altify as we grow our business in new areas.”


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