Customer Experience Software to Drive your Customer Experience Goals

Customer Experience (CX)  – Lets Define CX first.

Customer Experience (CX) is an intangible concept, but we can sum it up as the experiences that people have during their entire tenure with any given product or service. This pertains to enterprises as well. While good impressions can win you a love and trust from many, a bad experience will turn the customers down and turn the collaborators into competitors.

Customer experience software and CX tools offer actionable insights about customers and enterprises. In a world where less than 5% customers believe in advertising, huge investments should be made on improving the overall experience instead.

There are many ways to do this and ideas to improve the experience for your customers. To cater to the requirements of marketers, the following type of tools can come to rescue. These tools will help you identify user problems and optimize the customer experience.

  1. Zendesk

Do you want to solve the problems of your customer through a simplified ticket system? Zendesk is at the rescue. With the help of the software, you can create a self-help centre for your customers so that their problems can be solved faster. The features of the software includes multiple integrations, easy reporting and customization as per the requirements. Zendesk is designed for enterprise businesses, and it comes with an uptime guarantee.

  1. IBM Tealeaf

IBM Tealeaf is the front runner of the customer experience industry. This software allows the users to see how their customers are interacting with their mobile sites or apps. With the help of the CX software, users can monitor large traffic without putting any impact on the website performance. It also offers advanced filtering, allowing the users to retrieve any mobile session on the device parameters.

  1. Satmetrix

The connection between the customer behavior and the business outcome is crucial, Satmetrix helps you understand the same. The CX software enables you to post the customer feedback directly on social media. The software offers surveys with advanced capabilities like audience segmentation by industry, location or product to better understand the customer sentiment. It comes with a private virtual cloud and enhanced support.

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  1. Response Tek

This CX software not only helps the user understand the website data, but also the data available on social media. This feature empowers the user to gather data from the platforms and quickly respond to the query of the customer. The customer experience software provides access to targeted surveys to the customers.

  1. Adobe Experience Manager

Formerly known as Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager is a powerful CX software. It is also a powerful content management software enabling the businesses to build their assets for social media, mobile and web channels. It comes with its powerful toolkit to help the marketers cater to their various requirements. The user can easily integrate the system with existing enterprise software systems.

  1. Moxtra

Moxtra, acts as a private communication hub empowered with all-in-one collaborative features for customers. The software ensures that customers enjoy their interaction with the brand. The software helps to manage the internal and external users, to deliver a seamless experience for the customers via mobile or web app or through a fluid extension of the website.

  1. Userlytics

Gather in depth feedback from the customers and study those carefully with the help of Userlytics. This feedback can be studied from any app or device. Userlytics is one of the rare customer experience software, which scales with the requirements of the business. It comes with flexible pricing models for different businesses.

  1. ClickTale

ClickTale provides users with heatmaps and recorded visitor’s sessions to visualize customer behavior. With ClickTale, the users know how their customers are interacting with the website on their respective devices. The best part is, ClickTale is integrated with Google Analytics (GA), and the users can leverage GA capabilities.

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