Lifestyle Marketing Platforms are Thriving in the B2C Segment

Every individual wants to level-up his or her lifestyle. Taking this term forward, modern marketers have coined ‘lifestyle marketing’ to spice up their transactional marketing. Before we try to understand this, let us  understand the term lifestyle properly. 

Lifestyle is nothing but the kind of individual’s behavior that makes him stands him out from others. Lifestyle includes interests, attitudes, activities, ideas, opinions and aspirations.  So, when we blend lifestyle and marketing, we create a marketing approach allowing a brand to connect with its audience based on their ideals,  value and aspirations. 

Lifestyle marketing is a recent concept of marketing where a brand positions its products and services in such a way that they can strike a relation with the products based on their ideals, aesthetics, touch, aspirations, and ideals. Lifestyle marketing concepts mainly use digital media like television and smartphones to place ads and gain customer traction. Some of the common lifestyle platforms used today – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Some key elements that define lifestyle marketing are audience demographics, location, work, fitness, wealth, religion and even spirituality. Incorporating these ideals within their advertisements, brands make their target audience realize that their products are a perfect-fit as per their lifestyle and living standard. 

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Lifestyle Marketing encourages brands to go beyond the normal digital boundaries and offer a redefined experience to the consumers.

Lifestyle marketing platforms that help in achieving such goals of modern marketers include:


Undoubtedly, this has been in the news as the company has launched the world’s first lifestyle marketing platform. The parent company Perx Technologies is a SaaS specialist in mobile-first customer engagement and loyalty. There is no denying that traditional static loyalty and rewards programs are no longer valued in a rapidly changing environment as they are expensive to maintain. 

Perx’s LMP is designed specially to enable the brands to shift from their transactional marketing to delivery of meaningful experiences for their customer ecosystem thereby creating valued relationships. The platform is powered by hyper-personalization, next-level gamification and sophisticated event trigger capabilities. The company wants the brands who use it to redesign and re-energize their customer experience and loyalty engagement strategies syncing everything with their daily lifestyle. 

Top features of the lifestyle management platform includes online campaign management, offering rules engine, gamification, rewards & Merchants, loyalty management and impact dashboard. 


Although Perx LMP is the one and only standalone lifestyle management platforms but there are other platforms like Pixlee that help and support the digital marketers in thriving with their online campaigns. Pixlee is an UGC and influencer platform that helps the brands to boost their digital commerce. With a huge client base, Pixlee offers unlimited access to effective content, provides a social cocoon to thrive the brand and a widespread community to spread a positive word for the brand. Pixlee is offering solutions based on the principles of lifestyle marketing and the team knows the importance to customer satisfaction more than anything else. A happy and content customer will always come back – this is the gist Pixlee is trying to cater to the marketing world.

The platform offers loyalty and retention, community engagement, brand safety, content management, influencer marketing, and ecommerce conversion under one roof. 

Reasons why Lifestyle Marketing is successful in the B2C space 

Lifestyle marketing is a precious tool for marketing be it B2B or B2C. It is of course, more critical for B2C because here you get a chance to connect with your audience directly. And as lifestyle marketing revolves around the concept of connecting the product features with the lifestyle of the target audience, Lifestyle marketing seems like the future of B2C marketing. 

Modern brands, which are able to cater to the lifestyle and routine needs of the audience are thriving in the market. Platforms like Perx are definitely in their nascent stage, but they have a long way to travel. While offering their unique capabilities to each brand, they are redefining the experience of the customers. The best part about lifestyle marketing is, it is already imbibed in the hearts and minds of the customers, and there is nothing alienated that needs to be purposely adapted. 

There is a product and the customer just needs to find his or her way to fit it in their lifestyle. When brands can offer the right fit of products and services to their customers, they are going to win the market. 

When brands want to create a lifestyle marketing strategy, it is important that they have a clearly defined kind of lifestyle that they want to sell. Brands require a thorough research before launching any new product based on the principles of lifestyle marketing. It may be tougher, but the results are worth it. 

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