How Can You Maximize Results From Your PPC Campaigns?

PPC campaigns are the need of the hour. Let’s say you invest considerably in your PPC campaigns, but at the same time, have you thought about optimizing those campaigns and making the most of your marketing investments?

Some PPC campaigns shine while others are left behind. Is there any secret or some golden rule that need to be followed to ensure success? Mostly, it is education, information and training.

The more you acquaint yourself about the effective must-haves of PPC campaigns, the better your PPC ads will turn out the be.

That being quoted, here are a few tips for your next PPC campaign: 

  • Identify the right platform to launch your ad.
  • Choose the type of ad keeping in mind the budget. 
  • Optimize ad according to the audience demographics such as interests, age group, location etc. 
  • Identify and design the landing page for your clients. 
  • Track the performance of your ads. 

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We are existing in an era of technology and automation platforms that aids in optimizing PPC campaigns in order to maximize end results. Some platforms that can benefit marketers who rely on PPC ads:

1. SEMrush

For digital marketers, PPC is an inevitable marketing tool specializing in SEO and PPC. The platform features a comprehensive advertising tool kit covering all aspects of your paid campaigns and strategy. Besides picking on the right keywords, this PPC tool helps to thrive the creative marketing strategy by finding successful ads posted by competitors. 

Some of the top features of the tool are PPC cost benchmarking, Competitor discovery, competitor analysis of budgets and creatives, Google shopping campaign analysis and lots more. 

2. PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage, is a specialized tool for optimizing your Amazon Advertising. Made for Amazon paid campaigns, the tool help in running Amazon product campaigns to increase conversions. This is the perfect tool for active Amazon sellers, grab this tool and bring a massive transformation to your sales. 

The top features of the tool are identifying areas for improvements, built-in tools for analytics, provides bulk campaigns optimization, negative keywords optimization and more. 

3. SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the most popular PPC tools available because it offers a whole suite of PPC tools a marketer can use to boost his ad campaigns. Right from the keyword search to spying on the activities of the competitors, one can do it all. The best part about this platform is that it offers AdWords templates that can be added to your AdWords account hassle free. 

The top features include bidding on the right keywords, finding competitors ad spend and paid keywords history, provides smart keywords suggestions, intelligent bidding advice and so on. 

4. Google Ads Editor

This is for digital marketers having a lot of ad campaigns at hand and who need a unified platform to accomplish their tasks. They do not want to waste their time on optimizing each ad and so Google Ads Editor is a savior here. It is a free to use tool helps to drive efficiency and performance of ad campaigns. Due to the feature of this tool, it has become popular among beginners and seasoned marketers alike. 

Top features of this tool include making changes to the Google Ads smoothly without the need for internet connectivity, aids in applying large scale changes to the ads, the ad duplicate feature to spot duplicate features if any. 

5. Wordstream Advisor

It is a pretty neat tool designed for small and medium sized enterprises. An incredible AdTech tool that will help businesses to manage their PPC campaigns across advertising platforms. What more, you can integrate Wordstream Advisor with other PPC channels such as Facebook, Google Ads, and Instagram etc. 

The best feature of this tool is its 20-minute Work Week/Workflow offering 9 items to improve the PPC process. 

6. Supermetrics

One of the most sophisticated PPC software is Supermetrics, which helps to draw all the performance indicators and metrics into a unified and easily accessible location. Essentially a business reporting platform, it can also work with various analytical engines and tools. It gathers actionable data and insights that help in not only devising an effective ad campaign, but also implementing it on social media, online marketing and web analytics. 

The top features of the tool include running queries on Google drive, refreshing data quickly, share dashboards, connect and fetch data from platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram and more. 

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