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The accelerated need and pace of digital transformation today has led to more consolidation of the customer journey across digital channels. How are brands trying to keep up while breaking through the noise? 

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The pandemic taught us that experience is king. People no longer just accept the digital experiences that are given to them by companies, they have increasingly high expectations, in part due to the digital acceleration caused by the pandemic. They’ll complain about everything now, even if their fries were forgotten in a DoorDash order. As a result of these high expectations, digital experience has to be a closed feedback loop across the entire customer journey, from acquisition to fulfilment, in order to mitigate or deal with those complaints in the first place.-Jamie Mellalieu, Chief Revenue Officer at UserZoom

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MarTech Interview with Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing at Vidyard
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In today’s virtual world, authenticity and transparency are beating out production quality and paid actors. Audiences are looking for trustworthy information that connects on a personal level, they don’t need drone footage and special effects. Simple, authentic, and short video content can have a huge impact on engagement levels in social media, email marketing, and outbound campaigns where you’re trying to earn attention but also respect the time of your audience.Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing at Vidyard

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