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At a time when marketing and martech budgets cuts are prevalent, how can modern day B2B tech marketers scale and achieve goals? Find out more in this week’s martech and marketing highlight:

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The future of B2B marketing is undeniably exciting! The digital platform shift will continue, with more businesses moving towards online platforms and e-commerce solutions. Embracing technology, particularly AI, will be crucial. AI-powered virtual assistants, automation, and personalized experiences will become the norm. Creativity through tech and AI without losing the human touch will be paramount.

Lina Tonk, Chief Marketing Officer @ Recurly

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We are at a pivotal moment for B2B marketing teams, with high and escalating inflation, many companies are staying flat or cutting back on their marketing spend. To grow at an accelerated pace, B2B organizations need to reuse, scale, and execute seamlessly. The go-to-market engine needs to operate smoothly and importantly there can be no break between awareness, demand, opportunity, sale, and ongoing customer success.Susan Ganeshan, Chief Marketing Officer @ Emplifi


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