MarTech Market Worth $34.3 Billion a Year; 50% Of Brands Don’t Have the Tools Yet!

Global leaders and innovators throng to Dmexco to understand the digital trends of 2017. Just ahead of the event, Moore Stephens has announced the launch of a research report into the US and UK MarTech industry. The research which covered 500 marketing agencies revealed that:

  • Brands are spending 16% of their marketing budget on marketing technology
  • The MarTech market could be worth more than $34 billion
  • Brands expect MarTech budgets to rise by 10% in next year
  • 50% of brands don’t have the tools they need

New research assessing the current and future state of the MarTech industry, has found that the MarTech market in the UK and the US is growing exponentially as demand for new MarTech tools continues to rise.

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MarTech is a Burgeoning Industry

The survey by Moore Stephens, the top ten global accountancy firm, and WARC, a global authority on advertising and media effectiveness, questioned more than 500 UK and North American brands and agencies and confirms a burgeoning MarTech industry.

Damian Ryan, Partner, Moore Stephens
Damian Ryan, Partner, Moore Stephens

Commenting on the findings, Damian Ryan, Partner, Moore Stephens, said, “We carried out this research to better understand the size of the market and the drivers behind its growth. It is only recently that MarTech has been given its own name, having previously been engulfed by the AdTech umbrella.”

Brands Pumping More Dollars into MarTech

The results show that on average, brands are spending 16% of their marketing budget on marketing technology. The research also reveals that the size of the MarTech industry for the combined UK and US markets is estimated at $34.3 billion.

Damian said, “While the rise of digital has been utterly spectacular, it has brought about widespread mistrust in the marketplace and channels that underline its success. We’ve seen the phenomenon that is fake news, as well as ad blocking and a general worrying absence of transparency.”

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85% Marketers Use At least One MarTech Tool for Email Marketing

Marketers are most likely to be using a MarTech tool for email, with 85% currently doing so. The majority also use social media and CRM tools, whereas experience optimisation and collaboration tools are currently used by around a third (37%). However, both of the latter are set for a significant rise. The survey reveals an additional quarter will invest in experience optimisation and collaboration tools in the next year.

Startling Revelation: Dissatisfaction and Lack of Maturity in Utilizing MarTech Tools

Investment demand is driven by dissatisfaction: half (50%) of those polled state they don’t have the tools they need.

When analyzing agency versus brand, six in ten (58%) agencies stated they don’t believe their clients have what they need and don’t fully utilize the MarTech tools they do have.

Some Businesses are actually Planning to Cut their MarTech Budget!

Many businesses are looking to increase the investment in marketing technology: nearly half (46%) of the UK businesses and more than one in three (38%) in the US are looking to increase their investment in the next 12 months.

Only 7% of the US businesses and 4% of UK firms are looking to decrease.

When considering what holds marketers back from implementing MarTech, a limited budget is unsurprisingly the biggest barrier, with 42% of respondents saying so. For marketing and communications agencies, 57% said that the main barrier to investment is a lack of understanding of the marketing technology available. This is compared to just a quarter (25%) of brands polled.

Damian added, “The growth of the market shouldn’t come as a surprise to brands, agencies or anyone in the media industry. We are entering a new chapter of business, one that will be governed by trust and economic common sense.”

Amy Rodgers
Amy Rodgers, Research Editor, WARC

Amy Rodgers, Research Editor, WARC, said, “The marketing technology market has grown at a phenomenal rate over the past few years as marketers are required to do more, at a faster pace, than ever before. Tools that can assist or automate parts of this job are in high demand, especially as the evidence for their return on investment grows. This research indicates that MarTech use in the UK and US is set to grow by 10% over the next year, a strong indication of the strength of a market that is continually consolidating and diversifying.”

It is clear from the report that the businesses seek greater authority and a sense of control—a key driver to invest in MarTech. While MarTech industry continues to grow at a blitzkrieg pace, future investments would be largely driven by product innovations relevant to the company’s maturity in adopting technologies for marketing, sales, and advertisement.

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