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The best of martech is yet to come! With generativeAI transforming how marketers plan workflows within their martech, it’s interesting to see how modern marketing teams are using new AI enhancements to scale and quicken their internal processes. Catch more from this week’s martech highlight:


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Generative AI is the hottest topic in enterprise tech currently, with organizations racing to deploy these powerful new capabilities for mission-critical use cases. Many businesses, however, are overlooking their data readiness to fuel effective Gen AI implementations. Poor data preparation can completely derail an AI initiative before it even begins. In fact, Actian’s recent research found that 87% of professionals agree proper data prep is extremely important for optimal generative AI outcomes. Yet only 4% of people in charge of data readiness said they were ready. That’s a massive disconnect.

– Jennifer Jackson, CMO @ Actian

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ON24 is on a mission to help businesses bring their go-to-market strategy into the AI era and drive cost-effective revenue growth. Through its leading intelligent engagement platform, ON24 enables customers to combine best-in-class experiences with personalization and content, to capture and act on connected insights at scale.

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Three things I think are going to change how marketing professionals can really embrace AI and will shape work.

Managing complexity: Many companies are building AI co-pilots and companions. And while the idea is right, the technology isn’t there yet. Work has gotten more complex and AI, when it really can understand and interpret the context we humans find ourselves in, will be able to truly help us manage complexity.

Rapid A/B/C testing: AI is notoriously bad at being creative because it “predicts the next most likely thing” and gives you that, which is precisely the opposite of creativity. However once you have one of a thing, it’s powerful to develop variants quickly, which will help marketers test variants and the fine-tuning of ideas.

Productivity boost: Our view of AI is one of human-enhancement. What we mean is that AI isn’t in the near future going to replace our tasks. It’s just going to make us more productive as knowledge workers.

Niklas Ingvar, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer @ Mentimeter

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