The Future of SMS Marketing 

SMS marketing, or as some say Short Message Service marketing, is one of the most popular marketing techniques. This strategy makes use of text messages to help business enterprises communicate with their customers. Businesses advertise offers, communicate updates, and send reminders to their customers through this channel.

There are usually two types of SMS marketing 

  • One-way communication

In this type of SMS marketing, businesses just send their messages to the customers without expecting or entertaining a response.

  • Two-way communication

In this type of SMS marketing, customers send messages to businesses in response to some previous message or a new query.

Important aspects of Direct Mobile Marketing and SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel marketing system. It can use any of the mobile-based platforms to communicate with the customers. The most common means of mobile marketing are SMS, MMS, websites, social media, email, and other applications. One can say SMS marketing is a subpart of direct mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is an excellent strategy to create omnichannel engagement between businesses and customers. May it is a short term or a long-term marketing campaign, mobile marketing will always support your business campaign. As most people in the world have easy access to a mobile, this marketing technique reaches a wider audience with very little effort.

Statistical studies about SMS marketing have shown that 83% of millennials look at SMS messages within 90 seconds from receipt. For 75% of millennials, SMS texts are the preferred method of communication to receive notifications from businesses. Marketing surveys are responded to by 31% of the recipients. When the same study was done on mobile marketing, it came to light that 46% of the emails are opened on mobiles. Customers spend 85% of their device time on mobiles. It was surprising to know that 50% of the product searches are done on mobiles.

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Key features of SMS marketing


  • Cost-effective

As compared to email marketing campaigns, SMS marketing campaigns are more cost-effective. With proper planning and execution, you can save a lot through SMS marketing campaigns.

  • High read rate

The more statistical read rate of SMS than emails makes SMS marketing very desirable. Studies have indicated that 98% of brand marketing recipients read marketing SMS texts.

  • Preferred by customers

According to a survey, 75% of customers prefer SMS. The interactions are very quick and efficient; that is why the results are usually positive.

Key features of direct mobile marketing

  • Easy to plan and execute

If you are a beginner in the marketing world looking to market your business, direct mobile marketing is a good strategy. Direct mobile marketing campaigns are easy to plan and execute.

  • Quick launch

Direct mobile marketing is one of the quickest marketing strategies. You can easily set up a mobile marketing strategy and have it running in less than 24 hours. 

  • Excellent analytics

By making use of direct mobile marketing tools, you can easily track your advertisements. The deliveries, conversion rates, responses and analytics are recorded and can be used for further reference.

Prominent Tools for SMS marketing

  • Hubbion

Are you looking for a multi-channel marketing automation tool? Hubbion is your buddy. This tool uses the contact list of the users to send bulk SMS. It also generates automated responses for incoming SMS.

  • Enger

Enger is purely an SMS marketing tool. It can efficiently create SMS marketing lists. With Enger, you can schedule when the SMS goes out to your lists. Real-time analytics will help you design better campaigns.

  • TextingBase

TextingBase is a versatile SMS marketing tool. It not only sends bulk SMS but also keeps track of the marketing schedule. In addition to that, TextingBase keeps records of your contacts’ birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays to send personalized SMS.

Tools for direct mobile marketing

  • Buffer

Buffer is a social media management application that can be effectively used for running direct mobile marketing campaigns. With Buffer, you can schedule posts on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter too. 

  • AdMob

AdMob is a Google created application specially designed for in-app advertising. This application targets the audience based on your preferences on your preferred app. The analytics and insights go a long way for mobile marketing.

  • Facebook mobile ads

Facebook mobile ads can be created from the built-in feature of Facebook. This tool sends targeted ads to Facebook mobile users who might be your probable audience.

As customer behaviors change, it becomes inevitable to adapt accordingly. SMS marketing and mobile marketing are becoming preferred means of communication for customers. So, plan your next marketing campaign around this proven method and achieve your marketing goals efficiently.

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