Will Event Tech Be the Next Best Thing for Marketers?

Event Technology helps individuals or companies plan, produce and publish an event. Event technology is evolving at an amazingly fast pace, given the current scenario, this is a necessity. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most people and companies have turned towards the digital world to gain better prospect and customer traction. They have had to incorporate event technology in their marketing strategy, to drive positive trends in their tech investments’ and respective marketing returns.

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Importance of Event Tech

Before technology was normalized and before the event technology industry boom, a lot of the marketing tasks surrounding events weren’t always done using automation. Event planners drafted the attendee list contact by contact, and promotions were largely limited to print or direct mail. Only live events were the focus then (there was never as much focus on live ONLINE events), and tracking every aspect of the event online or even the physical event wasn’t always done. 

The enhancements of event technology has led to several benefits. It not only puts the marketing team at ease but also provides a better user experience for both parties, marketers and online event visitors. Through event technology or mobile apps, the attendees can join the event with just a click of a button. They no longer need to fly to the event destination to be able to experience the event in-person. Most of the event apps provide users with features that can help them easily navigate the event, online. Chatbots’ help them with instant answers, or a Map feature can help them understand more on speakers and the convention centers. The live sessions online are another example of how event technology makes it possible for users to attend events from any part of the world.

Top Event Tech Platforms

A few of the top event technology platforms that have revolutionized the marketing space today: 

  • Cvent Event Planning Software

Cvent is a suite of technology tools and services that are aimed at streamlining the event planning process. They are one of the events technology industry leaders and hold expertise in conducting events with speed and precision. They extend their services to event registrations, venue selections, budget management, event payment processes, and onsite solutions all on one platform. They are concise in helping teams manage their event process and help the marketing industry with promotion strategies like making Custom event websites, event email marketing cadences, social media promos, database management, and handling event calendars. They are experts in reaching new attendees, tracking the entire event lifecycle, and eventually maximizing the return of investments. 

  • EMS Event Management Software

This software provides an efficient platform that removes the barrier between people and technology. It helps integrate the users and employees with technology on a single platform. It has a comprehensive resource management solution to power the marketing technologies space. It holds the capability to integrate both hardware and software infrastructures, which provides visibility, control, and insights needed to drive the event planning process and boost the enterprise’s real value.

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  • Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a platform that makes the event planning process extremely comprehensive. It holds customizable tools which improve the quality of the event. It allows the marketing team to think ahead and plan for main activities all on the same platform. It can be used to plan all kinds of events from registration to ticketing to listing and, most importantly, with promotions. Every detail of the event lifecycle can be tracked, which enormously increases efficiency. It also integrates handling social media promotions. Furthermore, it provides real-time tracking all from one single dashboard, making it easier for the attendees and the organizers. 

These top global event technology platforms are examples of how event technology has revolutionized the typical B2B event planning process and eased the marketing representatives’ work. Not only this, but they have also integrated the below-given features in the event lifecycle:

Live streaming is the most staple feature of event technology today. The pandemic’s wake especially has normalized virtual events, and people have begun opting for live streaming over the usual in-person events. This has helped the marketing and marketing technology team to expand their customer base to people all over the world. International customers have also become a part of the attendees. This feature increases customer engagement drastically and generates higher revenue.  

The attendee experience is enhanced by added features like personalized communication, a simplified registration process, and a wider range of event options from a single platform.  

Push notifications, emails, and texts with the help of technology can all be personalized; apart from this, “plan your own experience” is also available to attract users. Also, the registration process can have only needful steps to help the attendee complete the booking in one go. Event technology makes it possible to boost online events and make them affordable and convenient for a larger user base. 

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