With the Constant Flux in Digital Advertising and AdTech Today: What Should B2B Advertisers Keep in Mind?

The continuous innovation in AdTech, PRTech, MarTech and the influence of AI driven features across these segments is changing the game for the global advertisers and marketers. Coupled with this is the increased prominence of facets like voice search, connected TV (CTV), and a rapid expansion of networks and channels through which to advertise and market from….for the uninitiated – this can seem a tad bit too challenging or confusing to navigate.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital ad or digital marketing veteran, there are still a lot of evolutions to stay atop of, here are a few elements to begin with:

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Cleaning up your Data, to Begin With

One of the key benefits of adtech, is its ability to help advertisers in driving a better personalized digital ad journey to high value prospects and your general target audience. But without the right data in place, it is that much more challenging to deliver the right ad to the right person and at the right time. The higher the engagement among your key target audience with your ads, the better your overall ad and marketing revenue will prove to be.

Cleaning up or enhancing first party data involves removing redundant contacts, enhancing each contact info additional-relevant details like their interests, browsing preference, (not just their first name/last name/ email) and more.

Better data parameters can allow digital advertising teams and digital marketers to drive more enhanced customized messaging tactics to deliver actual ROI and end results.

Taking Advantage of Connected TV (CTV) and Streaming Networks

The increased consumption of streaming services is something that B2B marketers and B2B advertisers need to pay more attention to today. With hundreds of streaming platforms for users to choose from, it is important to understand that whoever your target audience is, they are engaging with many of those platforms on a regular basis, so you need to know where they are among those networks. In 2021, CTV ad spending reached $ 21B in the US region. This is a big cue to take a thing or two from.

Now is the time for B2B advertisers to capitalize on this trend and meet their audience actively where they are present. CTV offers a range of advantages already when compared to linear TV, while linear TV targets broader demographics, a CTV ad model can be directed at individual users/households.

Using Voice Search to Drive Ad Success

In an always-on, connected B2B environment, B2B advertisers need to constantly find ways to improve reach via mobile devices as well as browsing devices of various kinds. With there now being over 50% percent done via mobile devices and about 20% from that range being via voice search, now is the time for digital advertisers to use the best of their adtech enhancements and features to drive future ad reach and goals.

This is where advertisers and marketers need to work more closely together to redefine core content strategies to include a range of media (not just text articles), while focusing on creating a more conversational and intuitive ad journey for their target market.

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Adopting a Flexible Approach

With so many innovations in the digital ecosystem constantly creating a flux, it is time for B2B advertisers and marketers to be more adaptable to current changes in trends. Using the analytics from existing martech and adtech dashboards to further breakdown details on where their audience is at, what devices they use, how they browse among other key data points is important in driving future ad strategies and plans with collaboration from the marketing team.

A content strategy or digital advertising plan built out six months ago will require constant tweaks and updates to ensure that actual real-time changes in target audience preference and behaviors are being factored into every ad executive model so that the right adjustments can be made in real-time to deliver a more relevant digital ad experience that resonates with the prospect.

End Note

The media buying and digital ad space is changing every day. The right implementation of adtech to drive end goals is key to enhancing not just the customer experience for a brand but also optimizing the ad and marketing costs that brands have to incur to drive proactive business output. At a time where marketers and advertisers have to prove the cost of every prospect or customer acquisition, optimization in terms of ad delivery and adtech are the fundamentals needed to ensure brand success at the end of the day.


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