Four Reasons B2B Marketers Need to Focus on OTT Platforms to Drive Marketing Goals

The TV viewing industry and customer habits in this segment have evolved over the years, with there now being lesser use of cable and satellite models and an increased demand for OTT services. Research suggests that nearly 50% of households today have membership to some kind of OTT platform.

This rising demand and interest for OTT platforms should actually grab more attention from marketers and advertisers in general. But why should B2B marketers specifically look at OTT channels to drive their own brand marketing and advertising initiatives? Here are a few top reasons:

The OTT Market Is Growing Rapidly and Provides B2B Marketers A Vast Audience Network

OTT is convenient. Users are able to choose the kind of platform they want to stream from, which means, diving into this customer data and customer behavior on the basis of what OTT platform their target audience has a preference over can allow B2B marketers and B2B advertisers better insights into where their audience mostly is viz a viz the Netflix’s, Amazon’s, YouTube’s, Spotify subscriptions of the world.

Easier accessibility to your audience through platforms that they casually stream regularly is a great way to drive brand impact and get your message succinctly placed in front of them.

Each of these various OTT networks today sport a certain audience mix, understanding whether your target audience base is more prominent on a platform like Amazon versus Spotify can allow B2B marketers and B2B advertisers to optimize their future digital advertising and digital marketing mix.

In a fast paced, highly dynamic B2B marketplace, where social networks like LinkedIn were always taken for the number one channel, over the years, B2B marketers started facing the issue of finding it harder to break through the noise here.

Seeing how the use of OTT is only set to increase over time, diversifying your B2B marketing mix by also opting for other channels that most of your audience is active on, besides those like LinkedIn, can benefit long term marketing and advertising goals significantly.

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OTT – It’s More Accessible and Quick

Gone are the days when marketers and advertisers had to reach out to a large TV agency to drive ad impact or run an ad. The online advertising and digital marketing scope of today allows brand marketers and advertisers several other effective ways to channelize their budgets and directly reach out to platforms such as LinkedIn/Facebook and others to run their own ads and marketing campaigns without the need to rely on a third-party team or agency.

Knowing how to optimize your online marketing effectiveness and assess each marketing campaign and ad performance in real-time through these ready dashboards gives marketers and advertisers a more direct method through which to drive future goals and brand impact.

Targeted ads that are run through OTT or networks like LinkedIn can actually help B2B marketers be more in control of their campaign performance while understanding what is working and what needs to be improved on in a real-time basis.

OTT – Drives Effective Retargeting Models

Data is the holy grail for any digital marketer or advertiser today. We’ve heard that often enough through the last few years.

When B2B marketers have access to specific data that allows them to understand where their customers are mostly at, it is easier to drive retargeting initiatives and campaigns through these multiple channels, based on user viewing preference.

An ad or marketing campaign run on Amazon and Netflix and LinkedIn for instance can be more useful as opposed to running one only on LinkedIn, given today’s highly crowded online B2B market. This is the time for marketers and advertisers to not only meet their target customers where they are at but to also figure out how to drive impact using creative, interactive messaging models without being a disturbance or distraction.

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OTT – Helps Further Personalize Online Advertising and Digital Marketing Initiatives

Most B2B marketers and B2B advertisers know that they have to run their campaigns based on job titles, geolocation and other key firmographics/demographics. OTT platforms or rather, the first-party data here can allow marketers and advertisers to further streamline personalization efforts because they can dive into their target audience’s device of use, preferred streaming time of the day among other key data points.

Once B2B marketers and B2B advertisers dive deeper into this data, it is easier to craft adequate prompts or messaging triggers that can remind their target audience more about who they are and how they can benefit them in the long term.

The Future for OTT is Limitless

OTT platforms and other networks provide end users convenience and choice. As users stray away from traditional TV viewing models, B2B marketers and B2B advertisers too need to understand this shifting trend to meet their audience where they are. With the rise of OTT networks and the constant evolution of features in this domain, this segment is set to attract more numbers of global users over the next few years. For B2B marketers and B2B advertisers who have not already capitalized on this trend, now is as good a time as any to start!

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