125% Revenue Growth and More Innovative AI Technology in 2020

Announcement (Selskabsmeddelelse) no. 5-2021 

The media-tech company Hypefactors presents solid growth figures for 2020.

Despite the unexpected challenges arising from the covid-19 situation, 2020 was the best year for Hypefactors so far. Revenue for the period amounted to DKK 4.380m, compared to DKK 1.950m in 2019, corresponding to an increase of 125%. Hypefactors reached an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of DKK 4.910m as per December 31, 2020, (2019: 2.760m) which is an increase over the last twelve months of 78%. Significant investments have been made in the ambitious development of the company’s software platform, which i.a. provides users with better and more data-driven national and international media intelligence.

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Commercial traction
On the commercial side, the company continues the positive trend as we see a continuous increase in the client base. Agreements have been made with a number of different companies and organizations. Saxo Bank, Louis Poulsen, Synoptik, MENU, Arriva, Billund Airport, Nemlig.com, Torm, Toms, Fleggaard, and Anti Doping Denmark can be mentioned, but the most interesting point may be the variation among the clients.

Agreements have also been made with think tanks (such as Justitia and Cevea), with a number of organizations within tourism (like VisitAarhus and Destination Sjaelland), with parts of the public sector (like Struer Municipality) and we have also seen traction within sports and entertainment, as the Danish Golf Association, the Danish Canoe Federation, and the professional football clubs Lyngby Boldklub and Odense Sport & Event are now using the Hypefactors platform. Further to this, we have also won contracts within the financial area, bringing in clients such as Basisbank, Newsec, and Akademikerpension

In addition, we see a growing interest among PR and communications agencies, both in Denmark where Kompas Kommunikation is one of the new clients, and in markets like Portugal and UK from where other communications agencies have entered into Hypefactors agreements.

Another observation is that Hypefactors have won contracts against all main competitors in Denmark, UK, and Portugal, proving the value of the Hypefactors’ product, and the necessity of having modern tech in the communications departments. WellChild, TechNation, FundCalibre, Prince’s Trust International, CCP Games, and Zwift are among the UK clients and Discovery Channel and Levi’s are among the Portuguese clients.

Technology Assets

Hypefactors launched version 4.0 of the Intelligent Media Reputation Crawler in the Hypefactors tech platform. This will benefit all current and future clients as well as open up new business segments and opportunities. As one of few media intelligence companies in the world, Hypefactors has developed a proprietary advanced crawler technology, searching, finding, and enriching relevant media mentions in near real time. With version 4.0, more than 4 million articles are being streamed in continuously as big data and enriched using custom-built automated machine learning (ML) solutions. Add to this that more than 2 million social media posts, pictures, and videos are processed daily. The machine-learning based Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables a unique level of automation, scale and precision combined that is unreported of in science and business. This specialized application of AI on media data turns our big data into smart data for the users.

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Highlights of version 4.0 are:

  • Machine-learned advertisement detector
  • AI-assisted automated detection of new relevant media sources
  • Global media impact indicators
  • Time-series analysis using AI-based publication date recognition across all languages
  • More accurate impression/readership estimation
  • Unmatched machine-learned reputation assessment

Through these updates, more media sources from non-Western regions have been added, incl. from Latin America, Middle East, and Asia. Also, more niche sites and blogs have been added. This has significantly expanded our global media coverage. The development providing users with the market’s most accurate streams of relevant media data has been made possible using recent theoretical advances in machine learning, and supported by Google and Amazon cloud solutions through the Silicon Valley-based accelerator Founder Friendly Labs, in which Hypefactors was invited to join in 2019.

The milestone implementation is expected to provide new business potential beyond the communications departments. R&D, Business Intelligence, Marketing and Sales could benefit from injecting relevant and smart media intelligence data into their operations. The Intelligent Media Reputation Crawler vers. 4.0 strengthens the company’s platform and technological asset base and is expected to make a positive contribution to the commercial development of the company.

As the investment in the development of the tech, assets have further strengthened the company’s solution and as the influx of significant customers documents the company’s international competitiveness, the management considers the company’s performance to be satisfactory, not least given the negative impact of covid-19 in 2020.

CEO Casper Janns comments:
“The growing demand for an easier, more data-driven, and measurable approach to media intelligence and reputation management matches perfectly with Hypefactors’ intuitive and AI-based solution. In 2020, we have strengthened our technological platform through a series of innovations and we have shown solid commercial progress. The international market potential for Hypefactors is substantial and we are in a better position than ever to unleash this potential.”

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