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AI-Powered Knowledge Management Tool ‘Lucy’ Adds Difficult-To-Search Video to Her Repertoire

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Information Within 40 Video and Audio Formats Will Now Turn up in Searches Made Using Pioneering AI Knowledge Management System from Equals 3

Equals 3, the makers of Artificial Intelligence-powered technology tools for Fortune 1000s and the agencies that serve them, announced a game-changing new capability for Lucy, its cloud-based knowledge management system: video search and insights.

Equals 3 launched its AI Lucy three years ago after advances in technology created new frontiers in knowledge management. By reading, storing and searching all of a company’s internal data, both structured and unstructured, Lucy solved a major institutional problem for businesses that operate in a data-rich environment. Information contained in long-forgotten PDFs, PPTs, Word documents, data sets and graphics files became reachable with Lucy. But until now, videos have been difficult information sources to search.

“The consequence of unsearchable videos is the intelligence they hold becomes part of an organization’s ‘dark data’ — internal knowledge that goes unused or gets lost over time. And the price of access to information contained within a video was astronomical because a person would have to watch the video to find it,” says Scott Litman, managing director, Equals 3. “But now, with our AI Lucy, knowledge workers can unearth key pieces of data hidden in their company’s own videos by simply typing a question in a search box and finding the specific answer within the video — in mere seconds.

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“The agencies and Fortune 1000 companies we work with asked us for help bringing this dark video data into the light,” adds Litman. “Their experience using Lucy to conduct a single search that pulls answers from multiple sources — including internal servers, SharePoint, One Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive — confirmed the difference in decision-making. Our customers knew their videos held valuable knowledge because their teams created them, so they turned to us to solve the problem of access.”

“Our new video search supports more than 40 video and audio formats,” says Marc Dispensa, CTO, Equals 3. “Our clients who have commercials, tapes of company events, training videos or past webinars will not only find new insight from their video but now can even be shown other topics, keywords, brands and objects within the video, as well as the timeline and transcript — even people, using a facial recognition comparison pulling images from LinkedIn for reference.

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“We’re continually developing Lucy to search and understand the next level of data, including formats like MP3, AVI, MP4, QuickTime, Keynote, TXT, Pages and RTF,” adds Dispensa. “For many common shared file systems, we’ve added automated integrations, so once a company has Lucy on the team, new data is ingested and searchable as soon as it is created — without further effort. These automations have also sped up the initial client deployment of Lucy to only four weeks, compared to what used to take up to four months.”

Equals 3 builds tools for knowledge workers using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence-based technologies. Founded in 2015, Equals 3 helps Fortune 1000 companies and the agencies that serve them make the most of our data-rich environment. Its AI tool Lucy gives organizations an extraordinary competitive advantage by revolutionizing the access, search speed and answer quality available when they consult their own internal knowledge.

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