AMPLEXOR Announces Neural Machine Translation Solution as the Next Phase in its Artificial Intelligence Programme

Collaboration with the German Research Center for AI (DFKI) Underpins the New Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Solution, Which Will Initially Target the Medical Device Sector

Global digital solutions provider, AMPLEXOR announced the next phase of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) program – to develop an enterprise-grade, neural machine translation solution. The solution, which will target the Medical Device market, is being developed in collaboration with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), one of the largest centers of excellence in AI worldwide.

AMPLEXOR has supported its worldwide customers with ‘smart solutions’ under its broader Content Intelligence (CI) portfolio – enabling organizations to apply artificial intelligence concepts to multilingual content processing. In 2017, AMPLEXOR established a dedicated AI/CI competence center in Madrid to develop these smart solutions.

Markus Welsch

Speaking of this latest phase in AMPLEXOR’s AI journey, Markus Welsch, Vice President Content Intelligence and Chief Solution Architect, AMPLEXOR, commented, “NMT is a very promising translation technology, but still has some way to go to be fit for purpose for true enterprise use. That is exactly what we aim to deliver – enterprise-grade NMT in our translation workflows that address the security, scalability and mission-critical content for demanding operational contexts and use cases.” Markus continues, “This approach to NMT in translation workflows is what the Medical Device market, as an example, is calling out for – a domain that requires absolute accuracy and high precision and where translation errors could lead to regulatory liability and are a leading cause of device recalls. This enterprise-grade capability is a key differentiator in our approach to NMT and one that will help to transform the way companies approach translations, delivering accuracy and efficiency at all times.”

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The AMPLEXOR NMT solution will initially focus on life sciences, and specifically on the Medical Device sector. This is part of the $3 trillion healthcare industry, in the US alone, and a sector that researchers and manufacturers are particularly focused on using AI and automation to achieve greater efficiencies and improved accuracy. Following the successful deployment of NMT for the Life Sciences industry, AMPLEXOR aims to expand this capability for use in other sectors.

Mark Evenepoel

“We have long put AI at the heart of our Content Intelligence portfolio,” said Mark Evenepoel, CEO, AMPLEXOR, adding, “An enterprise-grade neural machine translation solution is the next step for us and one that represents a huge opportunity for our customers across industries and applications. We are delighted to combine our domain-specific knowledge and data assets in the Medical Device domain with DFKI’s technology know-how in AI to make this happen.”

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DFKI was founded in 1988, and in the field of innovative commercial software technology using AI, is one of the largest centers of excellence in the world. The AMPLEXOR DFKI relationship stretches back to 2010 when the companies first collaborated on a ‘tribrid’ translation engine R&D project, named taraXÜ.

“Our previously successful engagements with AMPLEXOR show it is a company that understands AI and how it can be used to develop solutions to improve and transform the translation processes,” said Professor Dr. Josef van Genabith, Scientific Director, Multilingual Technologies at DFKI. “This next collaboration will include the development of a neural machine translation engine that aims to be a truly transformative technology in terms of providing natural and fluent translations.”

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